Writing Competition 2020-2021 P.3

本頁圖片/檔案 - 2021_writingcompetition_03



1st Place: Tam Lok Chi

On a bright and sunny Saturday, John and his parents set off to May Park for a picnic. When they arrived, they sat down at a picnic table and unpacked the food they brought before they started to eat.

Suddenly a monkey jumped out from a tree. John and his parents shrieked in fear. As quick as a flash, the monkey grabbed a bunch of bananas and an apple, and it ran away. John and his parents were furious.

All of a sudden, the sky grew dark, and a witch appeared! She cackled, then cried,' Where are you, my dear monkey?' The monkey squeaked, then it sprouted wings! It flew to the witch and dropped the fruits in her hands. The witch muttered a short incantation, and then she returned the fruit to John and his parents. The witch flew up to the clouds and disappeared with a cackle.

Finally, John and his parents had a lovely picnic … or so they thought. But, unfortunately, they ate the fruit, the witch returned and was poisoned immediately. What an unfortunate day.


2nd Place: Ho Wing Hang

Yesterday was a sunny day. John and his parents went to May Park for a festive picnic. When they arrived, they discovered that there was a majestic spring tree. They were amazed as it wasn't springtime.

Then, they prepared for the festive picnic. There was delicious and healthy food, like bananas, mangoes, watermelon, and dragonfruit. That is all I can say as there were just too many! They were eating joyfully at that time, and suddenly a monkey jumped on the table from out of nowhere! After the fright, they said to the monkey, "You stupid monkey! You only know how to hide and steal. Can't you do other things?" The monkey was furious and said to John and his parents, "Hey, watch your language, ok!"

Finally, they chased the monkey as fast as they could. Finally, John's mom's anger was too much, so she became Captain Marvel! The monkey was intimidated, so he called the other monkeys to assist him. Since a furious battle was going on, the other people came along, and Captain Marvel won!

At last, the monkeys gave the food back to them—what a great adventure. I hope we can go there again next time.


3rd Place: Li Yik Lok Jayden

Last Sunday was a sunny day, so John and his parents decided to go to May Park. They prepared food such as apples, bananas, some cookies, and freshly made lemon juice and drove in their Lamborgini to May Park.

When they arrived, they found a table with three benches, set the table, and started eating. As they sneakily enjoyed the food, a wild monkey jumped out and saw a banana it wanted to eat. The monkey grabbed all the bananas, and John started to cry. Mum and dad were so angry, so they ran and ran to get the bananas back. But it was no use; the monkey was too fast, and mum and dad couldn’t catch up with the monkey.

Suddenly, a superhero appeared out of nowhere, and he used his super-speed to grabbed the bananas from the monkey’s hands and gave them to John. John was so surprised! He said, “How can a superhero be alive? No way!” At night they quickly went home and never went back to May Park. What a strange day!



1st Place: Wong Tsz Huen Serene

John and his parents went to May Park last Sunday. They went there by bus. But, first, they found a perfect spot to have a picnic. John's dad said, "Here is a good place; let's have our picnic here!" So they put the fruits and food on the table and ate the delicious food quietly. 

Suddenly, a monkey jumped onto the table. John and his parents were scared! They didn't want to touch it. The monkey took the fruits away quickly and started to laugh at John and his family. John's mum was so angry! But in the end, John's dad bought some burgers from the fast-food shop. John said, "The burger is yummier than the fruits! I love the burger much more!" John's parents listened, and they laughed. What a happy day it was!


2nd Place: Ching Yik Sen

Last Saturday, John and his family went to May Park for a picnic. Mum brought a lot of delicious food, such as cherries, bananas, and apples. But suddenly, a hungry monkey jumped out of the tree and scared them! The monkey took a lot of fruit and ran away. John and his family were very angry. John said, "I am going to catch that monkey!" Mum and dad nodded their heads and said, "Go, John, go!" John ran very fast. The monkey chomped on the apple a moment later, but it didn't realize that John has caught it! "Got you!" said John. At last, the monkey returned all the fruits that it stole, but mum said, "It ate the apple." But John replied, "At least I caught it!"


3rd Place: Kong Ming Ho

Last week, John and his family went to May Park. They brought many foods, such as apples, oranges, hot dogs, bananas, and some orange juice. They wanted to eat the food, but suddenly a hungry monkey jumped onto the picnic table. It took away some bananas and an apple. John's family was scared.

They saw the monkey took the food and it ran away. "Go! We all got to catch it!" said John! "No! Not all of us can go and catch the monkey! This park has many animals, and they will eat our food!" said mum. After listening to what mom had to say, John and his dad were not angry anymore and ate the food they had left and returned home. What an unhappy trip!



1st Place: Yip Chi Yin

John and his parents had a picnic in May Park last Sunday. It was sunny, and they were very happy. They brought sausages, apples, bananas, and some juice. The food was yummy!

Suddenly, a monkey jumped on the bench, and they all felt scared! So the monkey took the bananas and an apple and ran away. Then dad said, "Stop, you naughty monkey!" But it was too fast, and dad couldn't catch it. So then John said sadly, "Now what should we do?"

But then John had an idea "What about we make a trap and catch the monkey?" So John and his parents made a trap for the monkey. After an hour, the monkey fell into the trap, then they took back the apple and the bananas, and they went home. What an exciting day!


2nd Place: Lo Wing Yee

Last Sunday, John and his family went for a picnic in May Park. They brought some sausages, hot dogs, fruits, and Coca-Cola. Suddenly, a monkey jumped out of the tree and scared John and his family! Then the monkey stole the bananas and the apples that were on the table. John shouted, "Hey! Give it back! "

Next, dad ran after the monkey, but the monkey called its friends, and they took all our food and quickly ran away! Lastly, John's parents decided it was time to go home because they had no food left. What a bad day!


3rd Place: Chu Hoi Yan Isabella

John and his family went to May Park last Sunday! It was sunny and hot. They got there by bus and John was so excited.

Mum got out a picnic mat and put it on the table. They brought some apples, some sandwiches, and some sausages. They also had some water and milk. Suddenly a monkey jumped down from the tree. The monkey stole some fruits from the table, some apples, and some bananas. Daddy said, "Those are not yours; it is ours! Give it back!" They ran towards the monkey and tried to get the food back.

At last, they got it back, but it was too late. Finally, it was nighttime, so John and his family went back home by bus. What a sad day!




1st Place: Leung Yan Kiu Abigail

Today is Saturday. John's parents took him to May Park. They wanted to have a picnic there, so John's mum and dad took out their prepared food. A monkey suddenly jumped out while they were eating happily. John and his mum were scared, and they were looking at the monkey as it was busy stealing their food.

But John's dad was brave. He chased after the monkey, but the monkey has already climbed up the tree. Mum and John were disappointed, but dad tried his best to cheer them up. He said, "We still have food, don't be sad!" So they ate the leftover food and were no longer hungry.

After eating, they decided to go for a walk. John said, "Look at all the beautiful flowers and all the tall trees. I want to come here again!" After the long walk, dad drove them home. What a lovely day


2nd Place: Seung Long Ching

It was a sunny day Yesterday, so John had a picnic with his family. They went to May Park and put their food on the table. There were sandwiches, chips, and fruits. When John was eating his sandwich, a monkey jumped onto the table and took the apples and the bananas, and it ran away. John was so scared that he dropped his sandwich on the grass. John's dad was angry, and he chased after the monkey. But the monkey was too fast, and his dad was unable to get the food back.

Finally, they only ate the food that was left on the table. After having the picnic, John and his parents played hide and seek together; it was fun! John hopes to have a picnic in May Park again because he played many exciting games and ate yummy food. But he also wishes that there will be no monkeys. What a wonderful day! 


3rd Place: Lam Hoi Kin

It was a sunny day; John and his parents went outside and had a picnic. They brought a lot of fruit and drinks for the picnic at May Park. Then a monkey came out from a tree, and it stole some bananas and some apples. What a rude monkey! It took the fruit, and it ran away.

After that, John's dad ran after the monkey and shouted, "Hey, you idiot, give back my food!" "Give back our food!" cried John! But, sadly, a troop of monkeys took all their food, and John and his family had nothing left to eat. So they went back home with an unhappy and angry feelin