Writing Competition 2020-2021 P.6

Topic: Write about an unforgettable experience in no less than 100 words.




1st Place: Ng Joanna

I had an unforgettable experience last week. I was the champion of a swimming competition. Everybody cheered for me.

A month before the swimming competition, my coach suggested I participate in a swimming competition. I agreed with his suggestion so I filled in the application form. After I handed in the application form I started to train after school. My coach was super strict. He needed me to swim faster than him but it was hard to do that. My legs felt sore and painful like there were thousands of ants crawling on my legs and biting me. I could hardly swim the next day with sore legs.

It was the big day. The competition started in the afternoon. My stomach was full of butterflies when I saw the crowded swimming pool. Some of my opponents were nervous like me and some were very confident. Splash! Eight of us dived into the pool. I followed the movements that the coach taught me. At first, I was the slowest, then I swam faster and faster. I became the champion. Everybody cheered for me and I got a gold medal!

This was an unforgettable experience. I learnt that the more effort you put in, the more successful you are.


2nd Place: Tsang Ka Yau

Today, I saw a message from Leanna, my best friend. “I’ve arrived in England!” it said. I couldn’t stop myself from remembering that day, when I said farewell to Leanna…

“I’m so sad that you will leave Hong Kong next week,” I said sadly. “I will miss you. Keep in touch!” Leanna nodded and smiled, “I will!” This was the farewell party for Leanna. She would leave China and find a new home and life in England. The whole 6A class said something to her. We all hoped she would live happily in England.

Next, it was time for us to eat snacks together. My other BFF Joana brought a lot of yummy snacks! I ate quietly with Leanna, and memories rushed into my mind. I could remember all of the times we spent together, whether they were joyful, disappointing, or sad. One time, I felt sick so Leanna went downstairs to get help for me. She had to walk many extra stairs just for me! I was so grateful for her kindness.

After we finished all the food, my friends and I took photos. We smiled, although we felt bitter in our hearts; we said farewell to Leanna, although we all didn’t want to say goodbye. I knew this would be the last photo that we were both in, so I hoped I wasn’t ugly.

Then, I went to the black board and wrote big words using colourful chalks. “Bye, Leanna!”, “Farewell!”, “We will miss you!” I wrote. Then I turned back to look at the class clock. It was time to go. My heart sank.

We left the school together. I said goodbye to Leanna for the last time, and watched her slowly disappear into the crowd. I found out there were drops of tears rolling down my cheeks.

I miss you, Leanna!


3rd Place: Santiago Amber Jade Fuentes

Last February, me and my little brother Moses went to school like always. Everything was going fine until it was time to go home. Since it was the first time him and I were going home by ourselves we weren’t used to it yet.

It was time to meet at the ground floor at school. I didn’t see him there. Then, I started to get worried because we had agreed to meet there. After all the students went home I still couldn’t find him! It was only me and the teachers left a school. My Chinese teacher asked, “Amber, why are you still here?” I said nervously, “I can’t find my brother! Maybe he’s still here!” My teacher was shocked. She said, “Don’t worry! You may search the school to check if he is hiding nearby while I ask some teachers and the bus drivers for more details so I can inform you in case he went to the wrong spot. Does he follow you?” I calmed down after inhaling and exhaling. I said, “Sometimes, but we were supposed to meet here.” While I was busy looking around the school with some other teachers my Chinese teacher called the bus drivers. After 15 minutes of searching he wasn’t anywhere. I couldn’t keep my temper! My Chinese teacher ran to me and said, “Don’t worry, he is on the school bus. He had forgotten where you were going to meet.” I exclaimed to all the teachers who helped me, “Thank you so much for helping me find my little brother!”

In the end, I learnt that I shouldn’t panic too much and that I must take care of my brother at all costs! It felt like he was going to be lost forever! Thankfully with all of the help, he was found.




1st Place: Lie Chun Ming

Last year, my mum and I went to an elderly home. We were looking forward to that event because it was our first visiting an elderly home.

When we entered the elderly home, we saw lots of elderly people greeting us. It seemed like they were excited too! Finally, the event started. First, I helped them to clean up their beds, and mum swept the floor. After that, one of the elderly people told me, “Great job! You are good at tidying things!” I was over the moon. After a while, it was lunch time. I loved cooking. Therefore, I took up the responsibility of cooking. I cook perfectly. “It was brilliant and delicious! I love vegetables! Good job, young man.” One of the elderly people said. I was very proud of myself and happy.

After lunch, we sat on the sofa and talked with the elderly people. One of them said, “young man, you need to cherish what you have because when we were really small we didn’t have a chance to study. Therefore, you need to study hard.” I was shocked! What? They couldn’t study in the past? I need to study hard in the future.

At last, we played some board games and it was already 5:00 p.m.! We needed to leave! We took a photo and we left joyfully.

After that day, I’ve learnt that helping people brings you endless joy and happiness. Furthermore, I’ve learnt that you need to cherish what you have. Do not waste time or things. I am looking forward to the next time visiting the elderly home.  


2nd Place: Chan Yip

The most unforgettable experience I’ve had was at an outside show prepared by school.

Our teacher wanted to improve our acting skills since we were the school universal acting club, so our teacher decided to take us to an outside show to watch the actors in a show. We were all excited about it.

As we went into the room where the show was going to be played, we saw nothing but complete darkness. It was just like a hole! We found our seats and sat.

The show began! We saw actors and actresses wearing colourful costumes walking up on stage. Their acting was incredibly well prepared! Their speeches were life like! Moreover, they had interactions with us and lots of the scenes made us laugh hard. When the show finished, we clapped so hard that it was like thunder.

When the show ended, we were all thrilled not just by the play, but also by how professional the actors were. After arriving back to school, we talked about the show again and again.

After this extraordinary show, I learnt that being an actor isn’t just for making money, but also for making the audience happy. The show also made me want to be an actor in the future!


3rd Place: Wong Yui Chun Gabriel

I went to a camp when I was 7. My best friend, Toto, participated too. We were at the school hall, waiting. After all the students were ready, we went to Sai Kung together by bus. We were on a two-days-one-night trip. The first day, we learned how to know if a place is good for camping, then the guide told us to try find one. After five minutes, we came across a bridge. I was a little afraid of heights, so I was scared by the view below the bridge. Although the guide said the bridge was very safe, I was still scared. Luckily, the bridge didn’t fall. The first, and last night, we learned how to cook raw beef to ‘medium’ doneness. I tried a few times, but I always overcooked it. It was embarrassing to have other see me. My timings were bad. At least Toto helped me with it. The last day, the guide taught us how to clean water using materials which are dark below the light. They are secretly useful! Lastly, we left with sadness. After these two days, I learnt how to use materials hiding in the environment. I want to camp like this again, and for even longer. It was an unforgettable experience that I won’t forget




1st Place: Jin Jia Li

One day, my parents went to work and I was alone at home. They said they would come back at 10 p.m. It was a Sunday, so I kept playing video games until I was hungry at noon. I decided to go to the supermarket by bus to buy instant noodles for lunch.

I took my phone out and opened the bus app to see when the bus would come. It showed that it would come at a quarter past noon. Then, I put on my shoes and took my purse and went to the bus stop.

I waited for almost twenty minutes but the bus didn’t come. I opened the bus app and found out that the bus had crashed into a big truck and shattered into two pieces. The next bus was stuck because of the traffic accident. I then decided to call a taxi; however, no taxi was available at that time. Without any choice, I had to go to the supermarket on foot.

Along the way, I slipped down and knocked an old woman over. Her bags of fruit rolled around. A seven-year-old boy walked by us and laughed loudly at me. I collected the fruit and gave them back to the woman. I apologized to her, “Sorry, I didn’t mean it.” I walked as quickly as I could and tried to flee the embarrassing scene. The old woman glared at me and scolded me in Cantonese.

I finally arrived at the supermarket and I was covered in sweat. I was so hot and exhausted, so I also took a soft drink. When I was paying for the noodles and the soft drink, I discovered that my purse had nothing inside. I needed to walk back to my house again as I actually had no money.

However, when I arrived at the door, I found that my keys were gone. Great, I thought. I had to stand there until my parents came back at night. What an unlucky day.


2nd Place: Tsai Tsz Yin Princess

I was very excited when I heard from my mum that we were going camping the next day!

It was when I was 8 years old. In the morning when I woke up, I could smell a yummy smell. I went to the living room and saw Mum was preparing the food for camping. It smelled delicious. There were my favourite sandwiches, sausages, fries, sushi, and drinks. After changing our clothes and getting our stuff, we happily went out. We took Dad’s car and arrived at the camping park. My dad found a good spot for staying the night, then a problem came. We had never been camping before and had never built a tent, so we didn’t know how, but luckily, a kind and helpful man next to our spot came to help us build the tent. He also taught me some hacks for camping, like don’t touch or eat any plants or mushrooms around because they might have poison in them and you wouldn’t know.

In the afternoon, Mum brought out the foods she made. I was starving and ate a sandwich. It was the best sandwich I had ever eaten! Then, I asked Mum, “Can we give some food to the kind man that helped us earlier?” “Yes of course!” I went to their spot and said, “thankyou for helping us with the tent! Here, I brought some food for you and your family, enjoy!” The man was so shocked and said, “Thank you so much, little girl!” Then, I went back to our spot and continued eating my lunch.

After lunch, we went to play with some kites and blow bubbles. I was very happy. At night, we made a fire and started to roast some delicious marshmallows to eat. They were very yummy and sweet. We all had a fun day. At the end, we went to sleep with the day’s lovely memories!

It was an unforgettable day in my life.


3rd Place: Hui Terrence

My most unforgettable experience was when I went to the beach with my family and my mother’s friend when I was four.

I was so excited after knowing that we were going to the beach. I even couldn’t sleep that night. On the next day, we went to the beach by taxi.

When we arrived at the beach, I quickly rushed to the ocean but my mum called me. She said, “you must put some sunscreen on, or else you will be as dark as coal within a few minutes.” Then, I put on some sunscreen and grabbed a toy shovel and toy bucket. I started making many sand castles. Suddenly, when I was making a sand castle, a big wave came. It destroyed many of my sand castles.

When I was mad about it, I noticed that my toy shovel and toy bucket were gone. I saw that they were being pulled into the sea by the waves. I ran as fast as I could but the wave was too fast. When I gave up chasing it I felt that I was floating.

I quickly noticed that I was drowning! I was very frightened and didn’t know what to do. Thankfully, my mother’s friend saw me. He quickly swam to me and took my back to the beach.

In the end, he told me not to chase the waves and I promised him.




1st Place: Tsang Ka Mei

On my 10th Birthday, I had an unforgettable experience – my family went to Paris and London for 8 days.

First, we went to London. I was very excited. We had a flight of more than 10 hours. We went to our hotel to rest after the long flight. Unluckily, the hotel room was very small. Mum bought a room for two people but we were four! I couldn’t even move on the bed.

But it was still worth it – we went to the Great British Museum! We saw many famous and historical works of art there. The museum itself was amazing too! It had a glass roof and British style. Then, we went to the London Bridge and Tower Bridge. I was surprised because the London Bridge, in my mind, was actually the Tower Bridge! We walked on the famous landmark and took many wonderful photos.

We had a miserable dinner. We went to a burger restaurant. The food there was not yummy, small, and we had to pay more than 300 dollars for it! There were free nuts to eat, so we ate a ton of them to try to get back some money.

Our next stop was Paris. The hotel we stayed in there was much bigger, but there were spider webs on the counter. That told us it was not a professional hotel!

The most unforgettable moment was when we saw the real Mona Lisa in the Louvre. We were disappointed because we had to see it from far away – there were so many people there! We also saw many other famous paintings. I thought I could’ve only seen them in books. I was proud to see them.

We took a tour of Oxford and Cambridge university along the way. They’re cities. Real ones! Each university was a city itself!

The trip was definitely unforgettable. It was the best birthday ever! I love my family and I hope I can have great trips with them again. A special thanks to Mum because it was her that planned, paid for, and made the trip come true.


2nd Place: Choi Anissa

My first time competing in a debate competition was one of the most memorable and unforgettable experiences in my primary school life. Do you have a similar experience too?

I joined the school’s English debate team when I was in Primary 5. It was very hard at first since we had to train to speak loudly and quickly. There were some difficult words to learn too but I did not give up.

Then, we started to prepare for the competition. I was given a script to read. The timing was tricky to get used to. The teacher said that whoever read better could take part in competing, so I practiced every day. Soon enough, the competition day arrived. I was so nervous but excited at the same time because the teacher chose two of my friends and me to compete. How great!

I was fourth to speak in the debate. I felt very scared since the opposing team was very good. I was sweating when it was my turn to speak. I started off pronouncing words wrongly but later on I felt more confident and spoke fluently. I turned from feeling disappointed with my performance to feeling pleased with it. Afterwards, everyone finished their speeches and waited for the adjudicator to announce the results.

It turned out, sadly, that my school’s team lost. Although we were upset, we enjoyed the training and learned to work hard. We also thanked our teachers for their work. I’m in Primary 6 now. I have learned a lot from my first time competing, and have won a few competitions. This competition was very unforgettable and I hope to join more debate competitions in the future.


3rd Place: Shih Chin Heng Janey

It was the last day before my best friend left Hong Kong. Her name is Jakin. She is one year younger than me. We usually go to church together every Sunday and play together at the park.

On that day, we had a farewell party in the church. We played a lot of games and ate a lot of food and snacks. For example, jelly, pizza, candy, and more. It was so delicious. After that, they came to my house.

I played with Jakin and my other friend, Bernice. We played a lot of video games like Roblox, Minecraft, and Among Us. We were so excited. Then, my mum called us, “Girls, time to eat dinner.” We went to a Japanese restaurant because Jakin loves Japan and Japanese food very much. We ordered ramen, sushi, and tempura. It was so yummy.

After dinner, we bid goodbye. I almost cried because she is my oldest friend and she always supports me when I have problems. I will miss her very much.

Although she has already moved to the United Kingdom, we still contact each other and have video calls every weekend. I hope the pandemic will end soon so that I can visit her.