Young Writer 2018-2019 P.6

Place: 1st place

Class: 6A

Name: Hailey Wan

Amelias Strange Adventure

One day, Amelia was indulging in her favourite fantasy book while sprawling on the couch. She was reaching the climax when black dots danced before her eyes. Dizziness seized her and by the time she opened her eyes, she was surrounded by infinite loops of black and white swirls.

Then with a shriek, Amelia saw a blazing white light at the end of the tunnel, opening up to a brand new world with books flapping, their book cover like bird’s wings; and swarms of books gathering together in the sky to create a stunning ‘V’ formation. Amelia was in awe but more was yet to come. Leaves were shaped like bookmarks with colourful tassels attached to them, while they clung themselves to the trees like apples, waiting for any bookaholics to pluck them from the tree. For every few feet, a comfy looking lounge chair was beckoning Amelia to take advantage of it, so she could snuggle herself into the warmness of the chair while she preoccupied herself with either Rick Riordan’s Olympian Gods or Alyson Noel’s Riley Bloom series. It was utterly every avid reader’s paradise.

Without a second thought, Amelia leapt into the air and hit a flying fantasy book nearby and promptly apologised in the process for recklessly damaging the books’ formation. Then, she plopped herself down onto an overstuffed lounge chair, making herself at ease.

After reading a few intense chapters, Amelia closed her eyes to give them a break. This time she didn’t wake up to the sharp white light but a citrus-like zing that gave her five senses a stimulation. Before her was a path of citrus scented candles, lining up to show Amelia her next destination. Motivated to see what was in store for her, she got up and sprinted along the sweet lemony and orangey path.

She rounded a corner and before her stood a dilapidated cottage with a sign on it: ‘To claim the Early Edition of the Red Scroll by Cassandra Clare, answer the following question correctly’. Amelia’s eyes popped out like a cartoon character for she had been waiting for Clare’s new fantasy series to be released and she bet no question, regarding the fantasy book world, would beat her.

A vintage parchment paper rolled out before her and on it scribbled a question written in calligraphy: ‘which classic is “to be or not to be” from?’. Amelia was flabbergasted, staring at the question like it was an alien. She contemplated every fantasy book she had read, but none revealed a quote like that in her mind. Frustrated, Amelia cursed how unfair it was that the quote wasn’t from her favourite genre of books.

Suddenly, a vortex emerged with Cassandra Clare’s image flickering at the entrance. She towered over the crying Amelia, “I appreciate your passion for fantasy books, but explore various genres to admire the writings of great authors. This is invaluable knowledge. Go now and we shall meet again.” Amelia nodded vigorously as darkness seized her.

Place: 2nd place

Class: 6A

Name: Wan Cheuk Hei

Barreneses' Change

Tendrils of energy emitting from the gleaming crystal was a favourable sign that signified the whole continent of Barren was possessing sufficient electricity to power each household dwelling on it. Despite everyone leeching more than enough electricity from the powerful crystal to aid their everyday lives, ranging from washing their dirty garments in a washing machine to keeping their rooms cool with an air-conditioner, no one had given any thought about preserving the overconsumption of energy. They merely assumed the crystal had long lasting energy for them to lavish on whenever they had need for it.

As time flew, the energy crystal had finally reached its limits. One mother screamed when the tumble dryer was only halfway through the wet clothes and stopped abruptly; while a young lady yelled when the electric shower ceased to give any hot water.

Unexpected incidents kept happening in various households. Eventually, Peter, the leader of Barren, could not bear to see how wasteful his people had been and he broadcast the following announcement:

“People of Barren, I believe everyone here acknowledges the catastrophic energy incident we are facing currently. If we neglect the situation, not only us, but our next generation will suffer severely without electricity. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the advantage of having electricity to power our appliances our household. I used to love enjoying a cup of hot coffee with my coffee maker when I woke up each morning. But now instead of having a luxurious coffee made by an energy-burning coffee machine, I now opt for making an instant coffee over a fire with fire logs. The coffee tastes equally good, so my people, you see? You don’t have to make drastic changes to your daily routine in order to conserve energy; try taking a step at a time at your ease because a small change will make a big difference.”

Peter paused to check everyone’s reaction and as expected there were voices here and there complaining how impossible and ridiculous it would be to rely on fire, like returning to the Stone Age.

Seeing how reluctant his people were in regards to energy preservation. Peter opened his mouth again:

“People of Barren, you have two choices: keep squandering the remaining energy inside our crystal, which may merely last for 5 years, or we start reducing our unnecessary energy consumption by rectifying our bad habits, starting today.”

With nothing to refute, Barrenese nodded in silent agreement as they dissipated, coming up with plans to help save energy.

Some households tackled the washing machine problem, only turning it on after having accumulated a huge pile of clothes, while others turned fans on instead of air-conditioners.

Barranese worked hard in preserving their little energy. They even did research on renewable resources and developed a device to place under the waterfall, generating hydropower. Therefore, Barranese now had unlimited renewable power to use; this valuable lesson taught them to utilise energy when needed, but not wanted.

Place: 3rd place

Class: 6A

Name: Christina Lau

Fatty in Yummy Kingdom

Sitting comfortably before the television, Fatty the hamster was watching a commercial promoting Yummy Kingdom’s cuisine ‘Tamago Gohan’, which was mixed with rice. Watching the delectable dish on the screen, recommended by Gudetama, the King of Yummy Kingdom, made Fatty determined to travel to this scrumptious kingdom so as to munch on the signature dish.

Grabbing the longest pair of chopsticks, Fatty set off in an instant, treating the chopsticks as wooden stilts to propel himself forward as he acknowledged how his chubby legs wouldn’t get him far.

In the blink of an eye, Fatty reached Yummy Kingdom and the aroma of food wafting in the air caused his tummy to rumble.

He now transformed his makeshift stilts back to chopsticks and got ready to dig in.

Before Fatty, everything looked edible, from houses made with waffles to cotton candy trees, not to mention the residents of Yummy Kingdom, ranging from walking gummy bears to chocolate animal crackers.

Fatty was on cloud nine, eyeing each thing, whether living or not, with equal gluttonous desire.

Equipped with his handy chopsticks, Fatty’s gourmet journey commenced. Snatching a lollipop lamppost and a jelly bean poodle frolicking in the street, Fatty wolfed down one after another, eventually washing everything down with a chocolate fountain.

This all-you-can-eat buffet seemed endless but Fatty still felt dissatisfied because he yearned for ‘Tamago Goham’. He raided from street to street, finally gobbling down a bow of rice mixed with raw eggs, but the egg size let him down.

A brilliant thought came to him: King Gudetama was a gigantic egg himself and he must definitely taste rich and creamy. This gave Fatty sufficient motivation to meet up with the King, or more likely to assassinate him.

With excessive energy to burn from all the consumption of Yummy Kingdom’s residents and buildings, Fatty strode to the palace, keeping his chopsticks in hand in case of emergency, which came immediately when the palace guards restrained Fatty from entering. Without a second thought, Fatty lashed out with his chopsticks and poked through the guards’ bodies, which were hard-boiled eggs. Fatty enjoyed his snacks before locating his main course.

Scrutinizing where the palace kitchen was, Fatty raided the cookers for rice, but he left the stunned kitchen staff intact.

Carrying an enormous bowl with rice that could feed a country, Fatty aimed for the main ingredient, which the kitchen staff mentioned, was normally slouching on his throne.

Realising his goal was within his reach, Fatty simply stood before the sluggish King, raising his chopsticks. “Prepare to let me savour you,” Fatty demanded while opening his mouth.

Gudetama yelled for his guards. Though they came running, Fatty poked through them, turning them into one hard-boiled egg skewer.

Before Gudetama could react, Fatty picked it up and chucked it onto his steamy rice, stirring rigorously.

Thus, this was the end of King Gudetama. Fatty turned to the kitchen staff and announced, “I’m now your King. Want to live? Sure! Prepare meals for me.”

Place: 1st place

Class: 6B

Name: Jack Su

Jack and the Monster

Jack was an 11-year-old boy who just entered the rebellious age. He wanted to have more freedom and do whatever he wanted. His parents always asked him to do his homework and practice violin, but he only wanted to play online games with his friends.

One day, Jack returned home after his teacher had given him a lot of homework. Worse still, there would be a math test the next day. Jack didn’t want to start his work and revision. He went to his room and started to play a game straight away. He heard his mother calling him outside, “Jack, are you doing your work?” Jack didn’t want to answer. His mom thought he was busy with his work and so didn’t ask again.

A few hours later, mom called “Jack, dinner time!” But there was still no response. So his mom opened his door and saw him playing online games. Jack was angry and asked why she didn’t knock on the door. His mom was angry too because Jack didn’t do his homework. His mom also scolded him for being rude.

“Leave me alone!” Jack yelled. He pushed his mom out of his room and slammed the door. He kept playing games until he fell asleep hungry and in anger.

Suddenly, a big noise woke him up. He saw a big blue ugly monster climbing into his room through his window.

“Who are you and what do you want?” Jack was terrified.

“I have come to help you kill your parents!” The monster grinned.

“What?” Jack was shocked. “No, you can’t do that!”.

“Yes I know you hate them. I will kill them to free you!”.

The monster went directly to his parents’ room. Jack was very scared. He didn’t know what to do and tried to call his neighbour for help but nobody answered, So, he knew that he had to defeat the monster on his own.

Jack took a frying pan from the kitchen and hit the monster very hard. But the monster didn’t die and even tried to hit back. Meanwhile Jack dashed to the store room and took a golf club and a golf ball. He stuck the golf ball in the monster’s mouth and hit its head with the golf club. The monster cried in pain. Jack still wanted to beat him but the monster begged “please don’t kills me! I just thought you hated your parents!”.

“No, I love them, I will protect them with my life!” Jack burst into tears. Then, in a split second, the monster disappeared. The word “love” was a magical word.

“Jack! Time for school!” His mom woke him up as usual. “Phew!” Jack realised that it was just a dream and was totally relieved. He held his mom and said “Mom, I love you! I will work hard and never let you down!” His mom smiled and the two cried happily.

Place: 2nd place

Class: 6B

Name: Yanis Tang

 Defeating the Old Wizard

A long time ago, there was an ugly old wizard who had trapped all the villagers of Yanis Village into a basement of his castle just because his magic mirror said that Yanis looked much better than him. Those villagers wanted to get away from the castle but all the doors were locked.

Luckily, a brave boy called Ben wanted to save them. One day he set off on his trip to look for the villagers. He had looked everywhere he could think of but he couldn’t find them. Ben didn’t give up. Along the way, he luckily met a dog, Jeffrey, who could speak. “Once I was a human being”, the friendly dog said, “but I have had a spell put on me by the evil old wizard called James. Follow me, I’ll bring you to the castle.”

“There it is. The castle of the wizard is over there” the dog said excitedly.

“But how can we get into the castle?” Ben asked. The dog replied “I’ll go into the castle and open the door for you. I have heard that the wizard will melt when he touches water!” “We can go into the kitchen to get some water!”

Ben yelled, “There is smoke coming out of the chimney, there must be water in the kitchen.”

“Wait for me at the main gate, I will open the gate for you as fast as I can”.

Ben replied, “Be careful”.

Finally, they both entered the castle which looked very scary. They went straight to the kitchen to collect some water to use as a weapon to fight the wizard. They successfully collected a bucket of water. When they came out from the kitchen they bumped into the wizard who was very surprised. They spilt the water on the wizard, the wizard screamed “Help! I’m melting…! How did you know that water can kill me?”. He melted and disappeared. There was a key left on the floor, Ben picked it up and ran to the basement. He unlocked the door and freed the villagers. The villagers were very pleased and excited. They thanked Ben for saving them.

They returned to Yanis Village and they lived happily ever after.

Place: 3rd place

Class: 6B

Name: Chen Ying Tung

A Dream

Ryan was a boy who felt bored of his school life. He had always wanted to find something interesting or play exiting games.

One day, he went to the theme park with his friend to celebrate their long holiday. When he arrived at the park, he couldn’t see anyone, so he sat down on the bench by the Slider. Then, he saw something shining in the sky. Suddenly, he heard a very loud “BOOM!”. It made him feel scared and made him curious to find out what had happened.

There was a fox which had white fur, blue eyes and nine tails – it was very beautiful.

“Hi, I am Coco. I’m a pet of the Queen who was meant to be the future leader” said the fox with a cute voice.

“How can you talk to me?” said Ryan, surprised.

“Because the Queen put a spell on me so that I can talk with you” said the fox. “I want to give you something” said the fox. He gave a mirror to Ryan. There was an image of the Queen in the mirror.

“Hello Ryan, our planet has been attacked by the dragon monster and the planet has become lifeless. You are the only one who can save our earth! Please help us!” said the Queen with a kind voice. Then the image disappeared.

“But how can I help you?” said Ryan.

“You are willing to help us? That’s great. You need to go to the mysterious island to kill the dragon monster to save our world. There is a volcano in the mysterious island and a monster inside this volcano. I can go with you and together we can kill this monster to stop it from polluting our world” said the fox.

They picked up a tourbillon, it rolled up creating a whirlwind and they went to another century, the world in the future.

When they arrived, Ryan saw the people’s faces were sad, there was a lot of air and light pollution and the gas made the sky black and there were no trees. So that’s why the Queen needed Ryan’s help – all of this was made by the monster.

“Now I will bring you to meet our Queen” said the fox. He waved the magic wand, “BOOM”, they arrived at the castle.

After they passed the long corridor, they saw the Queen who was dressed in gorgeous clothes.

“Hi Ryan. I am so glad to see you. I will give you some weapons to help you” said the Queen. The Queen gave a big knife to Ryan. Then, the strong light shone on Ryan and he arrived in the mysterious land with the fox.

When Ryan got to the mysterious land, they found a girl standing next to him.

“Who are you?” said Ryan.

“I’m Coco. I am actually a girl. I can help you on this journey” said Coco.

Then, they walked together to the most dangerous place where they could find the monster which was inside the volcano. This monster is very special. It can spray ice and freeze people to death. It can spray black air which stops people from breathing leading to death. Although they did not know where the monster was, they were still brave enough to keep moving forward.

They reached the bottom of the volcano and they saw the monster sleeping. They walked quietly to the monster’s throat and used the knife to cut the monster’s throat. After the monster died, the volcano broke out dangerously. Then Coco used her magic power to bring them back to the Queen’s castle.

After the monster died, the air became fresh and the world had trees and flowers again.

“Thank you so much for your help brave Ryan, you saved our world!” said the Queen.

Then Coco brought Ryan back to the theme park with the tourbillon.

“Ryan, Ryan, wake up…!” The friends called out.

Ryan woke up so sleepy…

Place: 1st place

Class: 6C

Name: Kevin Cheung

Poor to Rich

Far away, in a small village near a beautiful valley lived two friends, Clayton and Kevin. They were both young and dreamed of a better life for themselves. They wanted money.

One day, an opportunity presented itself, the Mayor of the village decided to hire two people to bring water from a spring up on the mountain. They needed to walk a long way from the mountain to the village, but they were to be paid based on the amount of water delivered to the village.

Kevin and Clayton enthusiastically got to work. Every day from morning till evening, they carried buckets to and from the spring. They worked so hard. Clayton was satisfied with his work and the money he earned. He was sure that with this he could achieve his dreams. Clayton thought that to increases his wages, he could use bigger buckets to bring more water each trip. He believed with a larger income, his dreams would soon be able to come true.

But Kevin wasn’t satisfied. At the end of the day his back and hands ached and he was exhausted. He was looking for an easier way to earn more money.

One day, an idea occurred to Kevin. He imagined building a pipeline to deliver the water from the mountain spring to the village. With this pipeline, he could get more water to the village without carrying buckets back and forth from the spring to the village. Soon, Kevin got very excited about his idea and began to plan.

Kevin shared his idea with Clayton and asked him to join with him to work on and help build the pipeline. Clayton thought the idea was crazy. Clayton felt that building a pipeline would slow him down and wouldn’t help him get any more money any quicker. Instead, Clayton got bigger buckets and went more often back and forth fetching water. He was sure that with his method he could make more money.

Kevin built the pipeline on his own. He understood that it would not be easy to build and it would take time to finish. While Kevin was building everyone laughed at him, while Clayton’s income doubled. He was proud of himself, so he spent time after work in the bar. What Clayton didn’t realise was that his body was starting to stoop from carrying heavy buckets every day and he fell off one day.

Finally, Kevin finished his pipeline. He used it to deliver water to the village, instead of carrying buckets. Kevin was earning more money than ever before, the water continued flowing to the village while Kevin was sleeping and enjoying his meal. Kevin was happy and proud of his insight, persistence and hard work. Now his income flowed in as long as the water flowed through his pipeline.

The end.

Place: 2nd place

Class: 6C

Name: Wilson Ng

War for the Jewels of Freedom

A long time ago, there was an ancient kingdom called Alastia. The people there lived happily until one day, a mighty dragon swooped down onto the kingdom and attacked the fortress and stole the most precious thing in the whole kingdom – The Jewels of Freedom. They gleamed like gold in the dragon’s paw, and the archers watched them go away helplessly. Rumours say the dragon, called Firedawn, took the jewels to Banadi, a land which is feared by all. Over generations, many kings have set off to retrieve the jewels. None have returned.

“Wake up!” Mike found himself facing his friend Danny after opening his eyelids. “Breakfast!” A voice shouted downstairs and Mike and Danny rushed down saying “coming!”. They ate breakfast quickly and sprinted to the King’s palace and started their journey to retrieve the jewels.

“Well, well, are you two warriors going to retrieve the jewels? How brave of you!”

“Thank you” said Mike and Danny.

“You may start your journey now” said the King and they set off for the greatest adventure ever known to mankind.

They went through forests, fought strong mobs and slowly got nearer to Banadi.

“Here is the border of Banadi! Are you ready, friend?” asked Mike.

“’Course I am! Let’s go!”

And they went over the mountains and went into the Feared Land. As they put up their tents, howls broke out and they found themselves facing a horde of wolves.

“Such miserable luck!” sighed Danny as he dodged a wolf from the left and killed it with his sword.

“I agree” agreed Mike as he leapt to the right and fired an arrow, killing another. The two fought back-to-back and slayed the horde one by one, and when they were finished with them, they were so exhausted they collapsed onto the floor and fell into a deep sleep.

When they woke up, they weren’t in the grass, nor in a house.

“Why am I in a tree root? I’m trapped!” panicked Danny as he struggled to get out, but the roots were tight and the world was getting fainter, until he had an idea: “fire!”. He grabbed hold of the lighter nearby and set the trunk on fire. The roots retreated and the tree was burnt to ash. He found Mike nearby trapped in another tree and set it on fire again.

“This place is evil” said Mike, as he got out of the burning tree.

They went into the fortress and found the Jewels. When they were reaching out for the jewels, Firedawn leapt… right into Mike’s sword and died.

They went back to their Kingdom and were known as the greatest heroes in Alastia.

Place: 3rd place

Class: 6C

Name: Karen Tung

Poor to Rich

In a cold, windy city, there was a poor beggar girl. Her dress was made of rags; her shoes were old boxes. She was thin and tired-looking but she always had a nice smile for the people who passed her.  She was known as Unlucky Lucy.

She lived in an old, ruined shop. The walls were thin and the windows were broken, but she tried to keep it as clean as possible. Lucy was always cold and wet.

She made a little money by begging and she always liked to beg on the corner of Brown Street and Green Street. One day, she went to her favourite corner and saw a dirty pile of rags. She went to move them, but they moved. They were alive! They were somebody’s clothes.

“Who are you?” asked Unlucky Lucy.

“I am Lucky Eddie”.

“You are begging in my favourite place; can you move please?”

“I was hoping that you would come because I want to get to know you”.

They talked for a long time and Unlucky Lucy shared her old, stale bread with him.

After a day begging, they split the money 50/50. Lucky Eddie said “I have nowhere to sleep”.

“You’re welcome to share my cold and damp home, it’s better than sleeping on the street”.

That night, they didn’t sleep. They talked and talked, and laughed and laughed, and got to know each other really well.

The following day, Lucky Eddie dropped a bombshell. He told Lucy he was not poor but an actor, who was making a film about poor people in the street and he wants her to work for him in his film.

She took to acting like a duck to water. She was fantastic and soon had more fans than Lucky Eddie. The film was a great success and so was Lucky Eddie and Unlucky Lucy. They both went on to have a fantastic career in film. She always kept her smile and always helped homeless people. She became rich from her nice smile.

Place: 1st place

Class: 6D

Name: Ng Him To

Defeating Evil: The Spirit Archer

A long, long time ago in Europe, when spirits haunted the lands, there lived a man named Kane who was brave and smart. He was part of a nice family, until his grandparents died from diseases and his wife Jane went missing. At this time, he had lost all hope.

One night, he went to the graveyard to visit their graves. As he was putting down the flowers next to their grave, he started to feel as though he was choking, being pulled from behind. Just as he was feeling as though he would end up with the same fate as his wife, two men leapt towards him and shot at something behind him, using a bow. Then, the pulling feeling was gone. Kane asked “who are you guys?”.

They answered, “We are the Spirit Archers. Our job is to protect humans from spirits, are you okay?”.

“I am okay” Kane replied. He thought “what if my wife was killed by spirits? No, I must avenge my family, my life.”. Before the archers left, Kane asked them, “Can I join you guys?”.

“Sure, why not? We could use a helping hand” one of them replied, “but you will need to go through pain.”

They led Kane to their base. One of the archers said: “If you’re going to be one of us, then you need to do a ritual.” He was a wizard. When he started the ritual on Kane, Kane started to scream in pain. After the ritual, Kane’s right eyed glowed lime green which meant he could now see those nasty spirits. Later he started training, working on his archery skills, all while his good memories faded away.

The day of Halloween had come, which meant spirits would invade Europe at night. All the Spirit Archers grouped up and were ready for the fight that night. One of the archers gave Kane a bag of special arrows which were the only thing that could kill the spirits. Night fell, portals of the spirit realm opened up, tonnes of spirits rushed out from the portal. Meanwhile, the archers charged at the portal, shooting the spirits one by one.

One archer shouted “Charge at the portal!”. Everyone charged into the portal. When they entered the spirit realm, there were tornados of spirits trying to suck up the archer’s souls, but the archers fired storms of arrows at the spirits. Some archers didn’t make it, but those who remained continued.

Finally, they reached their final opponent: The Phantom Monster. It was formed from an uncountable amount of spirits and shaped like a dragon. The archers shot storms and storms of arrows but it did nothing. The Phantom Monster’s breath wiped out lots of archers, Kane almost died from it, but he remembered his goal. His eye grew brighter and he was filled with determination.

He charged his bow, aimed towards the monster’s heart, then released his arrow. BOOM! The monster exploded releasing and destroying tonnes of spirits. Everyone ran back to the portal and celebrated on Earth.

Kane survived but didn’t celebrate because he went to visit his grandparent’s grave. One of the archer’s followed him and asked, “remember me?”.

Kane looked back and replied, “You’re…. Jane!”. After that, they kissed and wandered off into the sunset together.

Place: 2nd place

Class: 6D

Name: Jerry Wong

The Boy who Defeated Evil

Once upon a time, there was a very ugly and wicked monster called James. He always destroyed villager’s homes. He usually grabbed their money too, so that villagers became poor. When James felt hungry, he would eat three people. He had destroyed twenty-five villages and five countries in one year.

A boy called Cheston who lived in Gold Country was very brave. He knew James planned to attack their country next week. The King was finding guards to protect their country immediately, but no one accepted. Only Cheston did. The King was worried about whether a little boy could protect their country, however only Cheston was brave enough to try defeat the ugly monster, so the King gave Cheston a sword, helmet, pretext and armour to fight.

Next week, the guards of the castle used a telescope and saw a very fat thing running towards their castle. They told the King immediately “James is coming!”. The guards and all the villagers ran back home and hid very quickly.

Cheston stayed alone at the door of the castle, waiting for James to come.

James came and said “I am so hungry!!”. In their homes, the villagers heard it and felt very frightened.

Cheston said “I am the defender of this country. I want to fight with you now”.

James laughed “Only a boy? Haha! I can use one finger to destroy him!”

Suddenly, Cheston threw a stone at James’ eye. James used his hand to cover his eye. Cheston took this advantage, and used the sword to sting James. James felt so angry he kicked Cheston, but Cheston used the pretext to obstruct James’ attack. Cheston chopped James’ hand off. James fell down and implored Cheston not to kill him. Cheston agreed and said “I wanted you to stay in prison for as many years as people you have killed”. James cried and said “Okay”.

Cheston saved his country and family. Everyone called him ‘the hero’. Cheston felt so proud and happy. After this day, the world saw no tragedy caused by James again.

Place: 3rd place

Class: 6D

Name: Yim Yat Him

The Horrible Dragon

Once upon a time, there was a boy called Leon who lived in the castle with his family. Leon’s parents were very rich. The horrible dragon lived in a dark cave on the mountain.

One night, the horrible dragon flew into the castle and stole Leon’s parents’ jewellery when they were sleeping., the dragon took the jewellery back to the cave.

Another day, Leon’s dad shouted loudly: “Where is my jewellery?!”. Leon’s dad commanded the soldiers to find his jewellery.

The soldiers looked everywhere, but the soldiers didn’t find the jewellery. Suddenly, one soldier said “look, there is a cave”. After that, the soldiers walked into the cave, but they didn’t see anything because the cave was very, very dark. One soldier took out a flashlight. They saw the horrible dragon and the jewellery. Although the dragon was sleeping, the soldiers were still scared. One brave soldier came out and took the jewellery.

Unluckily, the horrible dragon woke up. The soldiers took out their swords and fought with the dragon. The soldiers got victory. They killed the horrible dragon and saved the jewellery from the horrible dragon. They took the jewellery and went back to the castle.

Leon and his family lived happily ever after.

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