Young Writer 2018-2019 P.5

Place: 1st place

Class: 5A

Name: Li Ching Yin Allen

Once upon a time, there lived an alien known as ‘Mr Alien’ or ‘Ghaukamaniglat’, who lived on the planet Zanklede. Having no gender, it had three small eyes with a large mouth spread on top. It also had tentacles for walking around. One day it decided to attempt landing on the planet Kyrbjubantz. Many ‘alienauts’ have tried and failed to reach it, because of the long distance and monsters in between. Mr Alien wanted to attempt a landing on it as a tribute to all the other ‘alienauts.’

First, it needed a rocket. Mr Alien as the power of teleportation, but due to having no teleport station, it can’t get there by doing so. Although Mr Alien had an insane electric-powered rocket, it wasn’t fast enough, and it didn't have enough fuel. Mr Alien did have a sister, Ms Alien, did have a rocket powerful enough to reach the planet. The only problem was Ms Alien is selfish because she didn’t let anyone borrow her things. Mr Alien set off to find his sister, but on the way, a white futuristic looking robot came running towards it. And following it was Mr Alien’s sister. Just take what you want ‘Ghuaky,’ she said. Somehow, Ms Alien already knew her brother wanted to borrow her the rocket.

Anyway, now Mr Alien needed a suit. It already owned a space suit, so it isn’t necessary to mention. Now, everything was ready. Three, two, one blastoffs! The rocket sent flames burning the base as it propelled the rocket up into the air. It went higher and higher until Mr Alien saw some ‘spacecilators’ which are alligators in space. Mr Alien used laser guns to defeat them quickly, but it hinted that the royal space force was near. Suddenly, Ms Alien’s rocket slipped and jerked around and bumped. It turned out the rocket slipped on some space oil liquid, and then it came to a hold. The ‘Terraspace Illuminator’ was summoned. This creature can destroy anything with one blow. Luckily, Mr Alien jumped out of the rocket, camouflaged itself and hovered away with its invisible hoverboard. Finally, Mr Alien landed on the planet safely. When Mr Alien reached home, everyone was delighted and surprised to see it bringing some weird emeralds and unknown materials. And so planet Zanklede’s empire became stronger than ever. The End.

Place: 2nd place

Class: 5A

Name: Wong Hei Man Carrie

         Once upon a time, there was a princess called Amy, who lived in a castle. She was only ten years old, and the King and Queen didn’t allow her to leave the castle. Amy read books every day because she was very bored being at home all the time. Amy was proud, too, because she was the richest in the world. She always said, ‘Nobody is richer than me! Ha-Ha!’

        One day, Amy’s servant borrowed a book form a friend. She lent it to Amy. Before she went to bed, Amy opened the book cover. A magical light surrounded her, and she felt strange. Suddenly she was at a place where there were a lot of books. The books looked like doors; they were huge! They stood up neatly in one line. Amy couldn’t believe what she saw and rubbed her eyes. She asked herself, ‘Where am I?’ Although she was a bit scared, she still tried to open the first door.

       When she stepped inside the door, she saw some people in old, rusty clothes queuing up in line. Amy asked one of the people, ‘What are you queuing up for?’ ‘We are poor, we come here to get money.’ A lady answered with a dejected voice. Amy saw a rich man giving out money to some poor people. ‘He was generous to others.’ Amy thought, ‘Maybe I should do that too.’ After a while, Amy found herself on the door path again. Amy was confused, but she wanted to know what was happening behind the doors. She opened the second door and went inside. Amy heard some noises on the inside and saw two children in gorgeous costumes arguing.

'Hey! I am the richest person in this village!’ The boy shouted. ‘No! You are not; I am the richest person! I have a lot of money!’ Shouted the girl. Amy wanted them to stop. ‘Don’t shout at each other anymore!’ The two children were angry, so they ran away quickly. When the children went away, Amy said to herself, ‘I always do this with my friends. Now I know why they don’t like me.’ She felt ashamed of herself and decided to be better than before. Amy saw a wooden sign in front of the exit. It had words written on it, ‘Welcome to Teach You A Lesson Story Path.

I hope you can be better than before!’ Amy woke up the next day. She said, ‘Oh! I had a great dream last night!’ She took a sneak peek at ‘Teach You A Lesson Story Book.’ She hugged and said, ‘Thanks for your help!’ After that, Amy rushed downstairs to tell her parents that she wanted to give money to the poor people. They thought it was a great idea, and they helped her to make her dream come true. A week later, the poor people were thankful towards Amy and her parents. She smiled happily because her friends accepted her. Amy asked her servant who lent her the book, ‘Can I please keep this book forever?’

Place: 3rd place

Class: 5A

Name: Choy Chung Hang

      A long, long time ago, there was a boy called Tom. He loved to draw, but he had no money to buy ink neither paper, so he used a little stick to draw on the ground. One day, Tom was drawing on the wet sand by the sea. An older man stopped to watch what he was doing. After a while, he said, ‘You are a good artist. Here take my magic ink and use it wisely.’ Then the old man went away.

    Tom was delighted to have some ink. He ran home and took out a paintbrush, and drew a chicken on the wall. Tom was amazed when his chicken came to life. He drew more and more chickens and sold them all at the market. He became wealthy! A few days later, Tom went to a nearby village. On the way there, he saw a poor man without any rice. So, he drew him a bowl of rice. After that, Tom continued to help all the poor people in that village. They people like him so much. Before long, the King heard about Tom and his magic ink. He commanded his soldiers to bring Tom to his palace. ‘I’ve heard you can do magic, and whatever you draw it becomes real’, said the King. ‘Show me! Draw me some gold’, he demanded. Tom drew a box of gold. When the drawing became real, the king was delighted. ‘This is wonderful!’ He said, ‘I want more gold. Draw me a golden palace.’ Tom didn’t want to help the greedy King, so instead of drawing a palace, he drew a fast and sturdy horse. He jumped on his back and rode far away! 

Place: 1st place

Class: 5B

Name: Hui Sing Tsun

      Once upon a time, there was a hard-working lumberjack named Jack. He came from a poor family and wanted nothing more than a bed to sleep in and some money for his family. One night after Jack came home, he found a beautiful music box that shone in the candlelight. Lots of sparkling jewels were left on top and on the side. When Jack opened the box, he found a golden key glowing inside. What is this for? Just then, a staircase made of gold dust crept out of the dark shadow. Far away, he could see a little door. He was curious, so he grabbed a handful of supplies and put it in his workbag. He crept up to the door with his heart pounding in his throat.  Once he reached the door, he noticed a very tiny keyhole. He opened it using the key he got from the music box and walked through it.

      Jack looked around; He was in a land full of bones and smoke. What a revolting place! He was trekking through the mountain of bones when Jack saw a crowd of monsters guarding an enormous castle. He thought of all the riches there might be in the castle. Therefore, without another thought, he sneaked into the castle. The first thing that came to his mind was there could be a massive dragon with razor sharp teeth and claws awaiting him. As soon as the dragon saw him, it roared as loud as it possibly could. At that critical moment, the lights went out. The dragon trembled in fear, and Jack realised that the dragon was afraid of the dark. He grabbed the treasure chest and left as quickly as he can. As Jack fled, the dragon saw him and chased after him. Jack ran as fast as he could and scrambled down the golden staircase. On the way down, he saw the monsters and the dragon disappeared in the far distance. Feeling relieved, he walked slowly down the stairs towards his house, with the treasure chest under his arm and with some food for him and his family.

Place: 2nd place

Class: 5B

Name: Poon Kwok Sum

     Many people thought Jenny was a lucky girl. She looked beautiful and came from a super wealthy family. She lived in a big house with her parents. The house has three floors, and Jenny occupied the top floor. She had many dresses, shoes, bags, and toys. But Jenny had no friends because she was arrogant and always yelled at her classmates. Besides, Jenny was never happy as her parents were too busy and had no time to stay with her.

   One day, Jenny finished her high-tea at the Four Seasons Hotel and was walking back home. A poor old man went to her and asked, “Madam, I am so hungry, can you give me some food, please?” Jenny said, “No, go away.” You look and dirty, and you smell! The old man begged again, “You do not pity poor people, so you will have to learn a lesson.” Jenny answered back and said, “Fine! What can you do to me?” The old man replied, “You will be reborn into a new family and will learn how to be a good person.”

   Suddenly Jenny felt dizzy and fell. When she woke up, she found herself in a small flat with new parents. She was shocked and asked, “Who are you?” They answered, “Dear, we are your parents, of course. Are you okay?” The old man’s words came true, and Jenny regrets what she did to the poor older man. Jenny’s new parents were poor and did not have enough food. However, they always reserved some food for her. They had no money for toys,  or even new dresses, but they had time to stay and talked to her. Jenny was sad at the beginning, but felt warm and save when she found her parents loved her so much.

  Unfortunately, Jenny’s mother was seriously hurt in a car accident. She was so sad and said to herself, “If my mother survives, I promise to be a good child forever.” Suddenly, the old man appeared and said, “I think you have learned what love is. Don’t worry! Your mother will be okay and don’t forget the promise you made.” Jenny fell to the floor. 

  Once Jenny woke up, she found herself in her big house and returned to her ‘original life.’ She didn’t forget her promise and did many things to help others and was friendly and polite towards her nanny. Jenny cared about her parents even though they were busy. She cared about others, and at times she thought the old man gave her a hard time, but in the end, it was a valuable lesson that changed her life forever.  

Place: 3rd place

Class: 5B

Name: Petoh Naysa Ileana

           Once upon a time, there was a boy called Chris. He was thirteen years old. Chris was hard-working, but he was poor. One day the King announced, ‘If anyone wants to be the Princess’s future husband, he must be able to pass three challenges.’ The first challenge is, you must shoot a target with only ten arrows. The second challenge you must defeat a dragon, and the third challenge is you must climb the world’s highest mountain and pick a red flower for the Princess. Chris heard the news and decided he wants to be the Princess’s future husband and worked hard. He asked his father “Dad, can you train me to shoot a target with an arrow?” “Of course, but why?” asked his dad. Chris answered, “I want to be the Princess’s future husband, but I have to pass three different challenges. Firstly, I have to shoot a target using ten arrows. Secondly I have to defeat a dragon, and thirdly I have to climb the world’s highest mountain and pick a red flower for the Princess. “I think you are making jokes, Chris! There is no such thing as being a Princess’s husband” said his father. Chris explained, “When you were hunting, the King mad this announcement. Go and ask mum.” “Okay, if she says no, then I won’t train you.” So he went into the house and asked his wife, “ Hey sweetheart, I want to know, did the King announced that if you want to marry the Princess, you need to pass three challenges?” “Yes, so Chris asked can he be the Princess's future husband, and I said yes, however, he needs to practice hard. I told him to ask you.” “Okay then, I’ll show Chris how to shoot with a bow and arrow, how to fight, and how to climb a mountain.” Said Chris’s dad. “But when will Chris do all these things?” “Umm… I think next month.” Said his wife. “There is no time to waste,” said Chris’s dad.

      Day one! Chris woke up early and started with training. Chris and his dad ate some breakfast and warmed up. His dad showed him how to hold a bow and arrow and then taught him how to shoot. He showed Chris how to hit the middle of the target. Chris was able to shoot the centre of the target with ten arrows. Day two! Chris’s dad taught him how to fight, he took him into the forest and said, “If you see a lion, go and kill it.” After killing the lion, they went to sleep. Day three! They all went for a hike, and his dad showed him how to climb up and down a mountain.

     The next day, Chris and his parents went to the palace. When they arrived, they saw many people showed up because all of them want to marry the Princess. The King said, “Everyone, be quiet! Let the challenge begins. Let’s have our youngest contestant, Chris who is only thirteen and my Princess twelve whom I think will be perfect for her. Now shoot the middle of the target with ten arrows.”Chris got a bow and ten arrows and began to shoot. Every time Chris shoots the arrow, it hits the centre of the target. After that, Chris had to defeat the dragon, and he was able to beat it. For the last challenge, Chris had to climb the highest mountain and pick a red flower for the Princess. Chris did it, and the King said loudly “Hooray! We have a Prince for the Princess. Three cheers for Chris. Hip-Hip-Hooray!” The crowd cheered, “Hip-Hip-Hooray, Hip-Hip-Hooray!”

  At last Chris lived with the Princess, and he became rich. When Chris turned twenty-five and the Princess twenty-four, they got married and lived happily ever after. The End!

Place: 1st place

Class: 5C

Name: Kwok Tze Yuet

     Charlotte was sitting in her room, finishing her homework. She heard her younger sister Gabrielle playing the violin with her mother shouting, “The wrong tune! Screetching voice! Three times if still crying….”, so Charlotte thought, ‘Urgh! I hate this sound! Scales, Chromatics, Arpeggios, Dominant. Every day the same. I have heard it a million times- and I am still stuck with these piles of boring homework!

    She took a short rest, as she heard Gabrielle playing the violin beside her. Charlotte opened her eyes, and to her surprise, she saw her stationary walking out of her pencil case! Her eyes nearly dropped as she stared in horror at her pen, finishing her homework in under a minute! Charlotte was stunned. ‘How on earth did you do that?’ She asked Gabrielle, who only laughed and replied, “Charlotte, your homework is finally done! Let’s play!”

   ‘Shhh! What’s that sound?’ Asked Charlotte. “Mom and dad are quarrelling again! But don’t worry, I am sure after I play something romantic to them, mom will stop complaining at dad for playing computer games.” Gabrielle said, confidently. “How do you know?” Asked Charlotte. “Wait and see,” Gabrielle said with a mysterious smile as she played a tune. To their expectation, the couple stopped quarrelling and begun to kiss each other and danced romantically. “Yuck! That was gross!” Said Charlotte. “I know!” Giggled Gabrielle. Now it is time to have fun. What if ponies can fly with us? “How would that be possible? Have you lost your mind?"

Charlotte thought. Without waiting for Charlotte to reply, Gabrielle began to play arpeggios to the two doll ponies. To Charlotte’s amazement, the ponies flew out. Both ponies offered the girls a ride to take them to a forest without trees. Suddenly, a flock of birds wearing bows and arrows surrounded them, and one of them cried, “Humans! They made us homeless, and they destroyed our trees! Seize them! The birds shot at them, and the ponies dropped the girls in a panic as they tried to dodge the arrows. Both girls landed on the grass and saw a group of squirrels covered in amour. “It looks like they are about to attack us!” Whispered Charlotte. A panda emerged from behind, and so did the monkeys and giraffes. A lion roared and said, “You humans destroyed our habitats! Now we have no bamboos or bananas. We are homeless, the air is dirty, and the water is contaminated!” All of a sudden, the trees shouted, “TAKE REVENGE!” “I am so sorry,” said Charlotte. “ shouldn’t have wasted so much drawing paper and toilet paper when I cleaned up my poo-poo!” Gabrielle explained. The two of them were frightened. Luckily the two ponies came and got them, and the violin flew into Gabriell’s arms, urging her to play ‘Concerto in G to them.’ She immediately started to play the tune, and drastically trees, flowers, fruits and nuts multiplied, and their river came to life again flowing with clean, pure and clear water. The animals removed their amour, and the girls rejoiced and shouted, “We love all the animals and the forests!”

   The girls climbed onto their ponies and set off once more. On their way home, they saw an oceanic party, dolphins and whales singing and dancing. But in the distance, they saw a black patch in the water. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. “Charlotte, I am finished practising my violin! Have you finish doing your homework yet?” Asked Gabrielle. “No, not quite. I love listening to you playing the violin. Can you play your new tune?” Charlotte asked. “What? Do you like it when I am playing the violin? Are you sure?” Asked Gabrielle.

Place: 2nd place

Class: 5C

Name: Cheng Tsz Yan, Claire

    “Clara, what are you doing?” Mom asked. “I am finding my crayons. I lost them, and I have been looking for them everywhere lately.” Clara walked upstairs and suddenly fell off. She found herself in an unknown place called “Crayon Island.” Everything from the trees, cars, roads and cars were made of crayons. A voice whispered in her ear, “Welcome! Do you want your crayons back? If so, you must complete these challenges. Take your time.”

    The Island turned into a forest in just one second. She had to cross a slippery thin crayon bridge beside a waterfall. How scary! There was no handle to hold to, so Clara took the first the first step and of she went. “Whoosh!” She finished the first mission and got ready for the next challenge, Maze Escape.

    The time allowed for this challenge was only forty-five minutes. Clara would disappear if she couldn’t finish the challenge in time. She was still in the maze forty-four minutes. “Five, four, three!” She barely made it and finished in the last three seconds. Phew! That was such a rush! Clara moved on and saw mini blockhouses and each one had a family inside. Clara spotted her crayons in one of the houses. She was thrilled; however, they hid immediately after seeing Clara. That’s when Clara started reflecting as to why her crayons were hiding from her?

   Clara apologised to them, and they came out one by one. Every one of them complained, “You let your sister Carol step on me, and she broke my ankle!” Blue complained. “You took off my clothes, and I caught a cold!” Green said, “You gave me to your cousin Patric, and I was lonely!” Pink yelled, “You put me in the wrong box, and the watercolour bullied me!” Clara shouted! “I am sorry to hear about all your complaints. I promise to treat you all better hereafter. 

Place: 3rd place

Class: 5C

Name: Lee Pui Hei Andrea

    There was a boy called Edmond who never recycled, saved energy, and always wasted food. He didn’t care about environmental protection at all. His mum reminded him to be more concerned about the earth because deforestation is happening more frequently. There are fewer animal and plant species left in the world.

   One day, a well-dressed gentleman rang Edmond’s doorbell and asked, “Are you, Edmond?” “Yes, I am,” Edmond replied. The gentleman arrested him for not being responsible to the earth. He said, “I am an environmental protection agent from the 22nd century, many plants and trees became extinct because of people like you who don’t care and protect our earth. Therefore, you are now being punished and will be sent out to find seeds of these extinct plantations.

  First, he went to Mexico; he saw a cactus. If he wants seeds from the flower of the cactus, then pollination has to take place first, so that was a big fail for him. Edmond thought of going back to the past and get some seeds of the dead trees like the Brazil nut trees, so he said: “I wish I could go back in time, then I will be able to get some seeds!” Suddenly the agent appeared. He took Edmond back to the past and said: “I will help you whenever you call!” Then he disappeared again. Edmond found himself next to the Brazil nut tree. He has to get the seeds that are inside of the nuts, but the height of the tree is one hundred and sixty feet. He climbed the tree sixteen times, with scratches on his arms and legs. He also bumped his bottom, and he was attacked by bees too. Poor Edmond didn’t think of asking the agent for help at first. He remembered suddenly what the agent said, “I hope I can get the nuts down.” The nuts dropped down one by one and hit his head. It stopped once he said, “Ouch! That is enough!” After getting the seeds, he noticed he didn’t show any environmental awareness. He regrets what he did before because it is so hard to get these seeds and to grow these trees so tall. So, he promised himself never to waste anything again, but rather to protect the environment.

   After Edmond said that, the agent appeared and sent Edmond back home. Before the agent disappeared, he said: “Your mission has been completed, now promise to value environmental protection.” “Yes, I will!” Promised Edmond.

Place: 1st place

Class: 5D

Name: Osmond Leung Ching Him

Tom’s big change

Once upon a time, there was a teenager called Tom. He was very lazy. He hated doing homework. He didn’t like going to school and was always absent from school which made his mother angry. He got low marks on his exams because he never studied hard. His teacher tried to help him but he didn’t listen to them. The teachers and also his parents were disappointed.

When Tom wasn’t at school, he played with a group of friends who also always skipped class. He spent a lot of time with them. His parents were worried about him because they knew that his friends were not reliable and would lead him into doing something wrong.

Tom usually stayed up late playing computer games, which made him wake up late the next day. He worked a few hours a day at a part time job, so that he could earn some money. He liked to own new and trendy things but he didn’t have enough money to buy them. He asked his friends if there were any methods to earn more money without having to work hard.

Tom’s friends suggested that he join them in becoming a thief and they taught him the skills of how to steal people’s belongings.

Tom followed his friend’s instructions to steal someone’s mobile phone. He was very happy after he successfully stole the mobile because he could sell it for money. From that moment, he continued earning extra money by stealing things instead of working harder at his job.

One day, Tom’s friends asked him to join their robbery plan. Tom was nervous but he still decided to join them because he wanted to get a big amount of money.

Later, they robbed a bank as planned but Tom couldn’t escape from the police. He was arrested and was finally put in jail.

Tom was so regretful for what he did. He realized that he was too greedy for money as well as his laziness for studying and work. While he was in the jail, he decided to make a difference in his life. He continued his incomplete secondary study in prison and also built up a reading habit in order to gain more knowledge. His parents were happy for his change. 

On the day Tom was released from prison, his parents welcomed him with warm hugs. Tom’s eyes burst into tears because he felt so sorry for his parents about what he did in the past. He promised his parents that he would try his best to get rid of his bad habits and be a good person.

Several years later, he finished his university study and got a stable job.

His big change had given him a brighter future.   

Place: 2nd place

Class: 5D

Name: Kimmy Chen

A little roses girl

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Mary who came from a poor family. When she was born, her dad died, so she lived with her mum. Mary spent all of the money for her mum’s sickness and on New Year’s eve, they had no money left to buy food.

She had an idea and ran to the garden to pick some roses.

It was so terribly cold and it was almost dark as she was walking through the streets shivering and hungry. She crept along like a picture of a miserable, poor little girl.

It was so quiet on the road because everyone was at home partying.

No one had bought any roses from her all day long and no one had given her a cent. Her mother would die without money to buy food.

Her hands were almost dead with cold but full of hope, she knocked door by door and asked the people to buy some roses from her. A woman opened the door but when she saw the girl who looked like a beggar she shut the door.

She continued to knock on the other doors. A good man gave her some food but the man didn’t buy any roses but instead asked her to bring back the roses to her mum as a gift. She ran back home happily.

On the way, she saw one of the bright stars fall down, forming a long line of fire.

“Now someone is dying,” thought the little girl, for her old grandmother, the only person who had loved her and who was now dead, had told her that when a star fell down, a soul went up to god.

When she went back home, she saw her mother smiling with red cheeks, frozen to death on the last evening of the year.

“Mum, Mum!” cried the girl, “oh, take me with you”

One day, the little girl met her dad and mum in heaven and they all celebrated the new year together. 

Place: 3rd place

Class: 5D

Name: Emily Chiu Zi Wai

The secret land of imagination

One day, Lisa and her friends, Eva, Wendy, Elizabeth and Emma got a call from Will Secret, a secret agent.

They picked up the phone and Will Secret said, “Hi, do you girls know Thea Stilton?”

The girls said yes, so Will continued.

“Great! Thea told me you girls are great spy’s, you girls can solve riddles if you know the language, is that true?”

“Yes, we are good at solving riddles. Why?” Emma replied.

“Great! I am Will Secret and I need you girls to help me with a mission, I’ll send a helicopter to pick you girls up, it will be there in half an hour,” Will answered.

Half an hour later, the helicopter landed on the beach and Lisa, Eva, Wendy, Elizabeth and Emma got on the helicopter. The person flying the helicopter told them to put on the headsets under the chairs and they flew off. Five minutes later, the girls were in the North Pole and were about to land on a polar bear.

“Stop, stop! You’re going to kill the polar bear! Stop!” The girls said.

The driver was so calm.

Suddenly the polar bar and the ice it was standing on, disappeared. The girls were shocked as the helicopter slowly landed.

They exited the helicopter and saw a person waiting for them. It was Will Secret.

He brought them to a big room with maps they had never seen. It was beautiful but one map was cracked.

Wendy asked will why this one is cracked?

“I don’t know, that’s why I called you girls to help me because I can’t go on this trip alone,” Will said.

“Trip, what trip?” Lisa asked.

“Just wait and you’ll see,” Will replied.

Will Secret brought them to a room with computers and searched ‘The Land of Imagination’

“Read as much as you can, it’s about the place we’re going. It’s called The Land of Imagination,” Will said.

Then Will went to pack his bag.

Later, Will brought them to a lift, it had golden roses on it. They all went in and there was a golden piano.

Will played a soft and calm song and told the girl “this is how we are going to get to the land of imagination.”


“We’re here!”

They all got off the lift and saw doll houses in trees that were made out of cotton.

“Wow! It’s my childhood dream!” Said Eva.

“Yes, but we must go to Stuffed Animal Castle to see the problem. We’re at Dollhouse Forest, so we need to go to Unicorn Farm, then past Bigfoot Mountain and then the Stuffed Animal Castle will be right in front of us.

They all went to Unicorn Farm and there were Unicorns everywhere.

When they were passing Bigfoot Mountain, an evil fairy with red wings and hair came and said “answer my riddles and you can pass or you will stay here and be lost forever!

All of them nodded.

“They made me a mouth but didn’t give me breath. Water gives me life but the sun brings me death.”

“that’s easy! A snowman,” Eva said.

The fairy nodded and said “after you go through a fall, I will take over. All life will stall or at least grow slower.”

“Winter” Elizabeth said.

“Good, you all may pass,” the fairy said and gave them a stuffed doll that look like Bigfoot.

They reached the Stuffed Animal Castle and saw a white fairy crying.

They asked why and the white fairy said that she had lost her stuffed Bigfoot and the guards have been searching all week for it.

The girls gave their Bigfoot to the fairy and they all went back and lived a happy life. 

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