Young Writer 2018-2019 P.1

Place: 1st place

Class: 1A

Name: Kong Ming Ho

Little Red Riding Hood

The wolf jumped out of bed and gobbled up Little Red Riding Hood. The Woodcutter picked up some scissors and then he snipped open the Wolf’s tummy to save her.

"Snip, Snip"

He saw a bright red hood.

"Thank you for saving my life from evil"

Place: 2nd place

Class: 1A

Name: Ng Pui Hang

Defeating Nightmare Evil

I wanted to defeat the Nightmare Evil.

It always appeared at night when I was sleeping.

One night, I saw the Nightmare Evil again.

I used a bow and arrow to kill it and it disappeared.

Sweet dreams were back!

I could have a nice sleep now.

Place: 3rd place

Class: 1A

Name: Hui Tsz To

Little Red Riding Hood

One day, Little Red Riding Hood was on her way to visit her sick grandmother. But a Big Bad Wolf pretended to be her grandmother because he wanted to eat her.

Luckily, a brave Woodcutter soon had the Big Bad Wolf safely tied up.

Mrs. Hood baked a cake to thank the Woodcutter.

Place: 1st place

Class: 1B

Name: Oceana Tam

Caratella the Rabbit

Once there was a rabbit named Caratella. She loved fresh flowers. Then the humans polluted nature. Caratella was sad. She took every single rabbit to an island far, far away.

The humans wondered about the absence of the rabbits.

They found the rabbits, and Caratella made them clean up the Earth.

Place: 2nd place

Class: 1B

Name: Wong Man In

Lego Friends.

All sailors on Lego Marine were looking forward to the treasure hunt as they kept their fingers crossed. Soon enough, Lego Marine was docked at a deserted island. Grabbing their digging tools, the sailors were thrilled about the impressive riches they were about to bring home to their loved ones.

Place: 3rd place

Class: 1B

Name: Lam Shu Wa

Sara's dream

Sara always plays with her monkey doll.

One day, this monkey doll talks to her and brings her to an exotic jungle. She is so excited and plays with the animals. Suddenly, the alarm clock rings and she wakes up from a golden happy dream.

Place: 1st place

Class: 1C

Name: Wong Sin Yu, Hailey

The evils of dessert

One day Lydia went to visit her grandma. Grandma was eating a lot of sweet foods.

"Stop, you can't eat too much," Lydia said.

"Why?" grandma said.

"That is bad for your health," Lydia said.

From then on, grandma never ate a lot of desserts and paid attention to her health. 

Place: 2nd place

Class: 1C

Name: Lee Wong Ling

Save the poor

Ken is an orphan. He lives with his uncle but he is always mean to Ken.

One-day Ken saves an old man from danger. Then he helps Ken to study at School. When Ken grows up, he becomes a successful businessman. He always helps the poor with his heart.

Place: 3rd place

Class: 1C

Name: Law Yat Yin, Caleb

Becoming Teacher

Just like other kids, we are a group of energetic students that will mess around in class.

One day, a strong light comes in suddenly and we all turn into teachers. The naughty students are out of control. We become good kids when we go back to normal life. 

Place: 1st place

Class: 1D

Name: Wong Sze Hang

A rich man in love

Poor and rich is not counted by money only.

This is a very superficial level. Poor and rich should be counted by love. Someone is loved by his parents and the people around. Then he can give love and share love with others. He is a rich person.

Are you rich?

Place: 2nd place

Class: 1D

Name: Lam Cheuk Wing

Angie's terrible dream

Angie went for a picnic.

Suddenly a big blue beaked bird, three huge ants and a supersized mouse were walking up to her.

Angie was scared and woke up.

It's a terrible dream.

Some ants were eating her cookies on the table. She realized that it's time to clean up.

Place: 3rd place

Class: 1D

Name: Yuen Seng Zit, Andrew

Rudy and I save the city!

One day, Rudy and I were patrolling the city. Suddenly we saw an ugly spider monster and then Rudy used its fire laser to push away the ugly spider monster. Rudy and I saved the city. 

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