Young Writer 2017-2018 P.6

Place: 1st place

Class: 6A

Name: Isaac Wang

Witch Escape

Once upon a time, there was a shepherd called Peter who was very naughty. He always said, "There's a wolf." and called for help. The villagers always ran there but then Peter would say, "There is no wolf! I tricked you again! Ha ha ha!" The villagers were very angry and his friend, Mark, said, "Please don't tell lies again, Peter, or else you will get into big trouble."

The next day, when Peter woke up, he soon found that his little sister Dora was kidnapped by a wicked witch. You guys need to help me, please!" But the villagers ignored Peter and walked away. Only Only Mark stayed and said, "I'll help you because you are my friend!" Peter was so relieved.

When Peter and Mark ate their lunch, Mark said solemnly, "Let's go to the witch's castle and save your little sister!" They set off for the castle and looked everywhere but couldn't find anyone. Suddenly, the witch appeared and said, "Do you guys know why you can't find Dora? Because I've turned her into an ugly toad! Ha ha ha!" When the witch had finished speaking, both Peter and Mark punched her hard and said angrily, "You silly donkey! I don't want to see you again in the world, you old hag!"

Finally, they killed the witch and saved the toad, Dora. Although Dora couldn't be turned back into a human, they still lived happily ever after.

Place: 2nd place

Class: 6A

Name: Julius Foo

A long, long time ago, a boy named Peter loved to play tricks on other people. Because he was a shepherd, he often cried "There is a wolf!" and the villagers would come to help. When the villagers found out there was no wolf, Peter would laugh at them. Peter's friend, Mark, wanted Peter to stop lying to the villagers, but Peter didn't listen.

One day, Peter's sister, Dora, was kidnapped by a witch who took her into a castle far away. Peter hoped the villagers would listen to him but instead they ignored him, so Mark decided to help Peter. They set off to look for the castle. They walked for three days and finally found the castle. Mark and Peter went into the castle. They saw Dora in a cage and so they ran to save her but the witch stopped them. She cried, "Go away! Or I will turn you into a snail!"

Peter was very scared but Mark was not; he told the witch that there was a Witchland where all witches lived happily and it was only a few hundred meters away. The witch thought for a while and said, "I would rather live in Witchland than in this stinky castle by myself." The witch left the castle and set off for Witchland.

"Thank you Mark!" Peter said while carrying Dora, "Thank you so much!" "It's okay." Mark replied, "It's always great to be able to help out a friend!" They laughed and Peter swore never to tell lies ever again.

Place: 3rd place

Class: 6A

Name: Katie Tsai

The Boy Who Told Lies

A long time ago, in a small village lived a dishonest boy named Peter. He was sent to take care of the sheep and his mom told him that if there were wolves he should shout "Help!" Since Peter was dishonest, he always shouted, "Help! Wolf!" to make the other villagers feel worried. "There is no wolf. I just want someone to play with me!" He would say. Although most of the villagers were furious and went home, his best friend Mark said, "Please don't tell lies again."

The next day, his sister Dora was caught by an ugly evil witch. He shouted, "Help! My sister has been caught by a witch!" But no one believed him except Mark. "I am so sorry that the others don't believe you even though you seem very worried and scared. Let me come with you to save your sister." Mark said. "Thank you so much!" Peter replied thankfully. Then, they set off to the witch's castle.

As soon as they arrived, Mark shouted, "Give us his sister back!" "Oh, more kids! Isn't my day getting luckier? Ha ha!" The witch laughed. "No of course not! Actually, we found a bigger, better castle for a witch like you to live in." Peter answered. "Oh, where?" asked the witch. "I will tell you as soon as you give me back my sister!" said Peter. "Okay, fine!" said the witch, as she opened the gate and set Dora free. "Well thank you!"

"There's no castle to be honest." Peter explained as they ran quickly away from the castle. "Thank you! I've learnt that I should not tell lies." said Peter. "Well, sometimes." Mark replied. They all laughed.

Place: 1st place

Class: 6B

Name: Paz Anna Michaela Tiu

Peter's Cries

One day, Peter was bored, so to occupy his time he shouted "Help! There's a wolf trying to eat me!" When the villagers heard Peter's cry, they immediately scurried over. But when the villagers arrived, Peter laughed, "There's no wolf! Haha! Fooled you!"

The villagers found out Peter was lying, so they thought "We should never trust Peter ever again. He is a very dishonest boy." Mark, Peter's very good friend, then suggested, "Please don't tell lies again!"

After a while, Peter shouted at the top of his lungs, "Dora! Dora! I've lost Dora! A cruel and ugly wizard took her. I'm doomed! The wizard took her to a castle on that hill over there! Please help me! "Unfortunately, the villagers didn't believe him. They just kept on walking but luckily Mark believed him. He wanted to help Peter because he was concerned about what would happen to Dora. "I'll help you!" Mark exclaimed.

Later, Mark and Peter set off to the creepy abandoned castle on the hill. Mark explained, "Let's go to the wizard's castle! First, I will distract the wizard by saying there are many kids down the hill, so he'll come out of the castle and open the castle gates. Then, you go into the castle and save Dora!" Peter agreed, "Thank you! Please come back safely!" Mark said "Don't worry! I have a plan, I'll lock him in a cage and then he'll be there forever until he's good again.

Peter followed the plan just as Mark told him. He saw Dora in a cauldron. The wizard was going to eat her! Good thing Peter saw her just in time. In the end, they lived happily ever after. The villagers believed everything Peter said from then on.

Place: 2nd place

Class: 6B

Name: Lau Kin Yeung, Samuel

Peter's Lie

A long, long time ago, there was a boy called Peter. He loved lying and telling lies and making up stories.

One day, he wanted to play tricks on the villagers. Then he said loudly, "Help me! There is a wolf near me!" After a while, the villagers ran to Peter. They asked, "Where is the wolf?" Peter said happily, "There is no wolf!" The villagers were angry and went away. Suddenly, Peter's friend Mark said kindly, "Please don't tell lies again."

One week later, he said to the villagers and Mark, "Yesterday an ugly cold-hearted witch caught my sister Dora. Please help me! The villagers said angrily, "You always tell lies. We will not help you!" But his friend Mark said "Don't worry, I will help you!"

The next day, they set off from the village to the witch's castle. Along the way, they met a pig. It said, "I was the prince of this village, but the witch turned me into a pig! I can help you!"

Then the pig took them to the castle. The looked for the witch in the castle. Mark said happily, "There is a bigger castle for you in the village, good witches should live in a big castle." So the witch went out to find the bigger castle. While the witch was out looking for it, Mark saved his little sister. They escaped as fast as they could and lived happily ever after.

Peter learned that he shouldn't be dishonest or make up any stories.

Place: 3rd place

Class: 6B

Name: Ning Zhe, Ishon

Telling Lies

A long, long time ago, there was a village. The villagers always helped each other to kill wolves. There was a boy called Peter who liked making up stories.

One day, Peter was so bored. He wanted to play tricks on the villagers, so he screamed "Help! Wolf!" and all of the villagers ran to Peter. "Are you okay?" the villagers asked, although they couldn't see a wolf. Peter laughed, "Ha ha ha! There is no wolf!" The villagers knew Peter was playing tricks on them, so they wouldn't believe him anymore. Only Mark told him not to play tricks on them again.

Another day, Peter's sister, Dora was caught by the ugly witch. He was so scared an he went to tell the villagers but none of them believed him. Although Peter used to play tricks on Mark, Mark believed him. They set off to find Dora.

When they found the witch's castle, a scream came from inside. "That's Dora!" Peter sobbed. "Don't cry! Let's go inside!" Mark said.

They walked inside the castle and saw a big pot. "Dora!" Peter screamed. The ugly witch was holding Dora and she wanted to put Dora in the pot. Peter jumped on the witch but the witch had already thrown Dora in the pot. "Oh no" Mark screamed. "I was too late!" Dora was already dead.

"It was my fault! I won't tell lies again!" Peter cried. Mark was crying too. He took Peter home and told the villagers what happened in the castle.

Place: 1st place

Class: 6C

Name: Chung Yuen Mei

Peter's Meaningful Lesson

Once upon a time, there was a boy called Peter. He always lied and thought it was fun to trick people.

One day, he shouted, "Help! Wolf!" The villagers and his friend, Mark, rushed to Peter. They looked around but there was no wolf. "There's no wolf!" Peter laughed.  Please don't tell lies again or we won't trust you anymore!" Mark said.

A few days later, Peter cried, "Help!" The villagers ran to him and realized they had been tricked again, so they didn't listen to him. Mark knew that Peter often lies, but he thought it was rare to see Peter crying. "An evil witch caught my sister Dora and I swear it was real!" Peter explained.

Then, Peter and Mark decided to set off on their journey. They walked to a high mountain and saw a huge castle. It was full of darkness and a lot of black flowers decorated the outside of the castle. They opened the door and they saw the witch cooking while Dora ate. They were frightened but they didn't give up. Peter said, "Hey witch, you're so beautiful and pretty, could you let my sister out? There a cool white witch living nearby. She wants to kill you, so you should go and take a look." The evil witch trusted them and left.

Peter rescued his sister and he knew he shouldn't lie unless it was at the right moment.

Place: 2nd place

Class: 6C

Name: Winnie Mang

Lesson Learnt from a Terrible Experience

Once upon a time, there was a boy called Peter. He was a shepherd. He was also dishonest. Once he made up a story. "Help! Wolf!" Peter screamed. Soon, the villagers came to save him. However, Peter told them, "There's no wolf. Ha ha, you guys are stupid!" After that, the villagers left angrily and decided not to believe him anymore. Peter's best friend, Mark was a nice person. He asked Peter not to tell lies again but Peter just ignored him.

One day, Peter's sister, Dora, was trapped by an ugly witch. He asked the villagers for help, but the villagers thought that he was lying so they didn't help him. Fortunately, his best friend, Mark, believed him and set off to look for Dora.

They went to a mountain and saw a castle over there. Mark said bravely, "Let's go to the witch's castle!" Although Mark was frightened, he went into the castle anyway. When they arrived inside the castle they saw that Dora was trapped by some ropes. They rescued Dora immediately. Unfortunately, the witch discovered them. They just quickly ran away from the castle. The witch couldn't catch them because she was too old!

In the end, they got away from the castle! "Hurray!" said Mark and Peter. Peter learned the lesson that he shouldn't tell lies to others or they won't believe you anymore. Anyway, it was a terrible experience.

Place: 3rd place

Class: 6C

Name: Choi Kui Wang

A long long time ago, a boy called Peter liked playing pranks on people. Peter watched sheep every day. One day, he cried "Help! There's a wolf!" The villagers rushed onto the hill. When the villagers found out it was a trick, Mark said "Please don't tell lies again."

The next day, Peter told Mark "My sister, Dora, has been taken by the evil, ugly witch." The witch took Dora to her castle. What can I do now? Mark suggested to Peter, "How about we go to the witch's castle and save Dora?" "Good!" Peter replied. Later they set off for the witch's castle. Peter felt brave. They walked up a high hill and found an enormous castle. They knocked on the door. Suddenly, the door flew open, they were blown off of the hill and Peter and Mark were injured. They could not continue the rescue.

A week later, they found out the castle was clear and Dora's skeleton was found in the witch's poison pot. The people in Dora's village felt sad for Peter. Peter was seeking revenge for his sister. At last, when Peter found the witch, she cast a spell on Peter and turned him into a frog.

Place: 1st place

Class: 6D

Name: Winston Wong

Peter's Lesson

One day a naughty boy named Peter thought of a trick. He shouted, "Help, there's a big wolf and it's going to eat our sheep!" The villagers heard him and quickly ran to Peter, but they found out that he was lying. Peter cackled, "Ha ha! There're no wolves here!" The villagers were annoyed with Peter and they would never believe him again. His friend, Mark said "Please don't make up stories."

That night, Peter was sleeping when he saw an ugly witch next to him. He didn't believe there were any witches around his village, so he went back to sleep. The next day, Peter woke up and found his sister missing, so he figured that the witch he had seen was real and had captured his sister. He said to himself, "That witch is the witch I saw in the book I read last week. I read that she has a huge castle." He ran out his door and shouted, "Help! An ugly witch took Dora!" Nobody believed him except for Mark, who was concerned about that situation. Mark said, "I know where the witch's castle is, but... are you telling the truth?" Peter replied, "Yes!", and then they went to find the witch.

They set off to look for the wicked witch. Mark said, "There, that's the castle. We have to go inside!" Then they saw the creepy castle, but they weren't frightened. They had to save Dora.

In the witch's castle, they heard a voice and saw the witch say, "Ha ha! I got you, now I'm going to get your brother, too!" The witch grabbed her broomstick and, without seeing the two boys, so she flew away. Peter went in and found the key, Dora was freed! Dora exclaimed, "You found me!" Peter replied, "Yes, I did. We have to get out of here, but... first I have to do something!" Peter grabbed the match and lit some TNT in front of him. Peter shouted "Run!" All of them ran out of the castle just in time and they lived happily ever after.

Place: 2nd place

Class: 6D

Name: Jahnaya Lai


A long, long, time ago. There was a shepherd boy called Peter. He was dishonest. He always told lies. He always said that there was a wolf and when the villagers came, they would find out that Peter had made up another story.

One day, Peter was crying because his little sister Dora was kidnapped by an ugly wicked witch. The witch took Dora away and locked Dora up in the castle. Peter told the villagers but some of the villagers didn't believe him. One of the villagers said angrily, "Peter, I don't believe you. You always tell lies. No one believes you anymore!" Peter felt sorry and ashamed at what he had done when a villager called Mark said, let's go to the witch's castle."

They set off to look for Peter's sister, Dora. They broke into the castle. "Bang!" the door was broken down. Suddenly, Mark heard a voice and thought it was the witch. They followed the voice and ran upstairs. Finally, they arrived upstairs.

They saw the witch starting to cast a spell on Dora. Peter said, "Stop! You wicked witch!" The witch freed Dora and said, "Well boy, you will be the first to die!" Mark heard this and pushed the witch into the fireplace. The witch finally died. The villagers forgave Peter. They learned the story of the witch and lived happily ever after.

Place: 3rd place

Class: 6D

Name: Jaclyn Soon

Dishonest Peter

Once upon a time, there was a village called Parnia. There lived a stupid boy called Peter. One day, when Peter was taking the sheep for a walk, he suddenly screamed, "Help, wolf! the wolves are eating our sheep!" The villagers rushed to the path and took some frying pans to attack the wolf and save Peter. When they arrived, Peter shouted, "There's no wolf. You've all been played." Peter had made up the story, and all the villagers were very angry. Mark cried "Please don't tell lies. No one will believe you anymore." After that, no one believed Peter.

Two weeks later, Dora was playing at the witch's castle Peter. They were playing hide and seek. Suddenly, Dora yelled loudly, "Help!" When Peter opened his eyes, he didn't see Dora anymore. He ran to the village and told the villagers but they didn't believe him. The brave Mark, however, believed Peter and followed him to the cruel witch's castle. When they arrived, they looked for Dora but they couldn't see her. Mark said, "Let's go into the castle!" They set off and went there.

The saw the wicked evil witch was putting a spell on a bird. They screamed and went to save her. They saved Dora from the spell and Peter swore that he would never tell lies again.

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