Young Writer 2017-2018 P.4

Place: 1st place

Class: 4A

Name: Jeddy Kwok Tze Yuet

Once upon a time, there lived a princess named Dora. One day as she was out for a morning stroll in a forest, a monster suddenly leapt out from behind her! He caught Dora and brought her back to his castle and threw her into the dungeon. "Wait till tonight, big fat pig! Mwahahaha!" The monster cackled wickedly and locked the door.

After the monster left, Dora spotted a large mirror behind her, so she looked in it. "Who is that in the mirror?" She had an idea. "I know. I can do more exercise to keep fit! But the monster says he will have me as dinner tonight! What should I do?" Dora was afraid.

"Look in the mirror again." said a voice. Dora jumped to her feet and turned around to see who it was. She  saw a fairy and followed her command. Dora looked in the mirror and became very slim instantly! "Now climb through the bars of the window with this long rope." Dora climbed out of the window and saw that the monster was taking a nap.

"I don"t want to wake him up." she thought, "I must tiptoe when I get to him.” Princess Dora tiptoed and then ran as fast as she could. When she got home, she commanded her servant to cook healthy food for her and bring her to the park daily. "Aha! If the monster catches me, I will be able to escape again!" she said to herself merrily.

Place: 2nd place

Class: 4A

Name:  Jeff Lau

Once upon a time, Princess Dora was doing some exercises. A monster saw her and said, " I hate people doing exercises in the morning. Men, capture her and put her into the jail in my castle!" His men obeyed their master and put her into the jail of the monster"s castle.

Suddenly, she saw a horse. There was a famous prince called Ben riding on the horse. He killed the ugly monster"s men with his mighty sword and threw a rope to princess Dora"s window.

She tied the rope to one of the bars and climbed down to the bottom of the rope. The prince saw the monster and told her to hide behind a bush. Princess Dora did what she was told. The monster fought the prince with his strong, sharp claws. Meanwhile, Princess Dora came out of the bush and saw the prince just as he was killed! She was very shocked and angry with the monster, so she sneaked up behind the monster and followed him. Then the monster came to a sudden stop and saw the princess. After a long and merciless battle, Princess Dora successfully killed the monster with the prince's sword.

She ran to the prince's horse and rode him until she saw her own palace. Princess Dora told the horse to Prince Ben's castle and give them a note that said, "Prince Ben was killed by a fierce monster with his strong, sharp claws. Signed, Princess Dora." She stayed in her palace and always looked back to if the prince's horse would return.

Place: 3rd place

Class: 4A

Name: Cheng Tsz Yan, Claire

Keeping Fit by Being Locked Up

"Ouch.” Princess Dora was locked in the castle by the monster. Every day, Princess Dora thought of a new method to get away. She knew that she couldn"t get away from this cage by climbing out from the window because she was not slim enough to get through.

Day after day, Dora thought of healthy recipes. She asked the monster for different food every day. On Mondays and Saturdays she had vegetables and meat. On Tuesdays she had grains, dairy products and fruit. On Wednesdays, she had one candy, veggies and fruit...

Year after year, Dora became thinner and thinner, slimmer and slimmer. Until one day... she thought of doing exercises too! Every day she ate healthy food and did exercise.

She eventually was so thin that she could fit through the window. She climbed out, and fortunately there was a rope tied there. She crept along. Luckily the monster was asleep. You think the monster is really asleep, right? Noooo! The monster never slept. It was watching Dora all the time. Secretly, it was the health ambassador of the king and queen, Princess Dora's parents. Its secret job was to watch Dora because she was too unhealthy.

Dora tried to get away and the monster was delighted. He chased Dora. She was scared. She thought that he wanted to eat her or something, but noooo! The monster stopped her and told her the truth. The queen, king, monster and healthy Dora all lived happily ever after.

Place: Honorable Mention

Class: 4A

Name: Li Ching Yin, Allen

Once upon a time, there was a silly princess called Dora. The reason for her seeming idiotic is because she allowed a weak monster to somehow lock her in a castle! To make matters worse, she was extremely fat, so she couldn't escape easily. She was thinking about what to do: "Maybe I should either eat more junk food, or do more exercise in the castle!"

So, she immediately started doing a lot of exercise and two months later she became a slim, beautiful and intelligent princess. The monster was dozing in the sunshine, so Princess Dora had a good chance to escape. She fetched a rope, hung it down the castle, and slid down the rope. Still, the monster was sleeping, so she ran for it.

The monster woke up a few minutes later. "Where's the princess? I'm so hungry." When he found out that the princess had escaped, he was angry with fury. He tried to resist his anger, but it had already lit up. His mind was on fire, his fists started to grow spikes and his eyes glowed neon red. "You will NEVER escape next time!" he said, going bananas.

Place: Honorable Mention

Class: 4A

Name: Ng Tsz Him

Once upon a time, there was a princess called Dora. One day, a monster called Doora locked princess Dora in a castle but Doora only gave Dora a lot of junk food to eat every day.

Suddenly, Doora fell down on the floor and stopped breathing. A shadow killed Doora. He was Prince Edward. He said, "Are you fine dear?" Dora said "I... I'm fine."

Then, they took a rope to climb down the scary castle's wall, but they fell and landed on the time machine that Doora had made. "Arrrgh!” they yelled.

Luckily they got away but they saw many people in a strange place that had purple walls. They were in 2015! They had gone to the future. Something else funny had happened... They were in Prince Edward MTR station. The prince's name was also Edward, so he said, "This is my country – Prince Edward!"

At last, they stayed in Prince Edward MTR station in 2015 and lived happily ever after.

Place: 1st place

Class: 4B

Name: Hui Sing Tsun

Once upon a time there lived a fat princess who loved to eat French fries. One day a monster locked her in a castle. The monster said he was doing this "for her own good."

The king was heartbroken and sent ten thousand knights in shining armour to look for her but they were all eaten alive by a herd of rhinoceroses that had escaped from the royal zoo! It was very unfortunate for a loving king like him.

Six days later, the ghost of the respected Master Yang paid the surprisingly thin Princess Dora a visit. He said, "Hi there! You look thin, here are some biscuits." After a spell, five chocolate chip cookies appeared before their eyes. Dora was very grateful and the next two hours were filled with "thank yous" and "How did you do thats". Master Yang did not answer her questions, instead he calmly said "There are a few tricks in everyone, but only a few know how to summon them. Here is a rope. Use it to leave this disgusting place."

The next day the princess tied the rope to the bars on the window and lowered herself down. That was when she saw all of the guards were dead. She was shocked. Master Yang appeared again and spoke: "It was all because of a disease... a terrible disease called the measles. I was sent to take you to this castle to protect you. Here is the Staff of Creation. Go to the tallest mountain in the land and you will find the Temple of the Dragons. Put the staff in the chimney there and the fire will burn the staff and the disease will be gone. Farewell!"

Then she set off on a journey through the forest to find the temple to restore harmony.

Place: 2nd place

Class: 4B

Name: Caitlyn Ma

Once upon a time, there was a very beautiful and attractive princess called Dora. She really liked sparkly stuff, so in battles she wore a sparkly dress, shoes, earrings and even hair ties! Every time a monster saw her it would run away because their greatest fear was sunlight. But one monster loved her so at night he used his best ninja skills to creep inside of her room and kidnap her. I guess his ninja skills were good because the plan really worked.

Every day he fed her junk food. Since she was very hungry she ate it anyway. When the monster showed her a mirror she saw herself as big, fat, ugly and plump, so she decided to fast and do exercises. Then she became so slim she was able to slip through the bars. She climbed down a rope and ran for her dear life. On the way home she met a handsome prince and ...


Place: 3rd place

Class: 4B

Name: Hailey Tseng

Once upon a time, there was a fat princess called Dora. One day, Dora was wearing a beautiful dress and she decided to explore the forest. Suddenly, she saw a high castle and she was curious, so she went into the castle.

When she went in, there was a monster in there. Dora saw him and wanted to run away, but the monster heard her footsteps and caught her. The monster locked her in a cage and walked away. Dora was sad, so she thought of a plan to get out of this castle. Her plan was to eat less junk food and do more sports, then climb through the window. A few days later, she had lost the weight, but she didn't dare to jump through the window, so she thought and thought but nothing she thought of could help her.

"Zing" a fairy appeared. The fairy helped Dora and gave her a long rope. Dora threw the rope out of the window and slowly climbed down because the monster was sleeping. After that, she ran away back to her castle safely and told her parents what had happened. She lived happily ever after.

Place: 1st place

Class: 4C

Name: Choy Hoi Kiu, Annette

A long time ago, there lived a kind princess called Dora. She ate fried food every day and didn't do exercises. One day, the King and Queen went to a special party for a few months. Princess Dora stayed at the castle alone. Then she continued to eat plenty of fried food. Suddenly, an evil monster crept quietly into the castle and locked Princess Dora in a room. Just then, she thought she could get out the window easily, but found she was too fat.

Princess Dora was scared and cried loudly. Just that moment, a tiny fairy appeared and said, "If you change your living habits, then you can get out of this window." After that, the fairy went away in a rush. So, Princess Dora started doing plenty of sports and started to eat more vegetables and grain products. Plenty of days later, Princess Dora became a fit girl and she got a rope and climbed out the window. After a while, Princess Dora escaped and became free. Just then, she saw the monster, who was sleeping very sweetly.

After that, Princess Dora ran away and met a handsome prince called Kelvin. They chatted happily and were married. After a few months, the King and Queen came back and noticed Prince Kelvin and Princess Dora were married. The Queen and King were very surprised and happy. In the end, Prince Kelvin, Princess Dora, the King, the Queen, lived happily ever after.

Place: 2nd place

Class: 4C

Name: Wong Hei Man, Carrie

Once upon a time, Princess Dora walked through a forest and a cruel monster caught her and locked her in a castle. The monster laughed loudly, "You will be locked in here forever!" Princess Dora tried to escape but she couldn't because she was so fat. Princess Dora ate a lot of junk food and never did exercise before this happened. Princess Dora was scared.

Suddenly, a fairy godmother appeared in the cage. Princess Dora was surprised and asked, "Who are you?" "I am a fairy godmother." she replied.  The fairy godmother used her wand to change a pillow and bottle of water into a rope and a magic potion. Princess Dora drank the magic potion quickly. In a flash, she was very thin. The fairy godmother disappeared. Princess Dora was surprised again.

While the monster was sleeping, Princess Dora was thinking about how she could use the rope to climb down the castle walls. She stepped out of the barred window climbed down slowly.  Princess Dora reached the ground and walked away quietly. She didn't want to wake up the monster and be caught again. At last, Princess Dora was safe. The monster didn't wake up and she could run quicker than before, too. She was very happy. Dora thought that she needed to eat healthier and do more exercise starting that day. In the end, she went back to the palace and lived happily ever after.

Place: 3rd place

Class: 4C

Name: Lui Tsoi Yi, Bobo

Once upon a time there lived a very fat princess called Dora. She didn't do any exercise or sports. She loved junk food and she ate a lot, so that's why she was fat.

One day when she was walking around the garden, suddenly a monster jumped out of the grass and roared. Princess Dora was frightened and fell down. She thought the monster would injure her and started to scream. The monster caught her and locked her in a castle. The monster shouted "I will cook you and eat you for dinner." Princess Dora replied "I will escape." "Escape? Hahaha, don't be silly, Princess, you are too fat." Princess Dora started to worry.

After a while, Princess Dora, thankful for having a few days before the monster would eat her, thought she could change. She started to run around the castle and ate less junk food. When the monster gave her some dishes, she would say "I just need the vegetables, thank you." After a few days, she was thin again. She thought of a great idea to escape. First, she took a rope in pocket, then she would climb the rope to the ground so she could be free again. Unluckily, the monster found her and said angrily, "Heh, what are you doing? Stop right there or I will eat you at once." Princess Dora wasn't afraid, she was brave and she killed the monster. The Princess escaped. She ran away by herself.

She learned she needed a balanced diet and to do more sports and exercise. At the end she told all her people to stay healthy. A few days later, all her people were strong and fit again, just like Princess Dora, and they lived happily ever after.

Place: 1st place

Class: 4D

Name: Ethan Shum

Once upon a time, Princess Dora was walking in the garden. Suddenly, a monster appeared and kidnapped the Princess and locked her in its castle. The Princess was desperate to get away, so she yelled "Help! Help! Help!" but no one came to the rescue.

Suddenly a god appeared and said, "Hi, I am the God of War. I am here to help you." The princess replied, "I want to kill the monster and get out of the tower." "Plant this tooth, and then you can get a ghost." Then, the god disappeared and the planted the tooth when the monster wasn't watching. The ghost killed the monster but the princess still could not get out because she was too fat. She started doing exercise every hour, and finally the princess was skinny enough to get out of the cage. She thought to knit a rope to help her climb down to the ground and she kissed the ground because she had missed the outside world.

The princess ran away from the castle but she didn’t know which way was home, so she tried to use Google Maps to find her way home. She didn't have a data connection, so she built a satellite, so she could get wifi, so she could find out the way home and she lived happily ever after. The End. (227 words!)

Place: 2nd place

Class: 4D

Name: Emily Chiu

Once upon a time, there lived a princess named Dora. She was locked in a castle when was one year old! When she was sixteen, she was smarter, but she was also very fat. She worked on an idea to run away. She tricked the evil monster who brought her here and locked it in a cage but she couldn't climb out of the castle, so she did more exercise and ate less junk food.

She ate a lot of fruit and vegetables because they have a lot of vitamins and minerals. She also ate a lot of grain products to give her energy to climb and jump. One week later, she started her plan. She let the lowered the rope to the floor and climbed down.

When she reached the ground, she ran away and went back to where she belonged and lived the best times of her life.

Place: 3rd place

Class: 4D

Name: Naysa Petoh

Long, long ago, there lived a kind princess called Dora. She was so fat and loved to eat junk food. One day, she saw a monster and she told the guard, "Help, there is a monster, can you catch it?" The helpful guard said, "Yes Princess Dora. Tell me where the monster is and how big it is. We need enough guards to catch it."

After Princess Dora had finished eating, she was shocked because the monster had killed all of the guards, but they had locked the monster in the cage. Princess Dora wanted to escape the castle. The next day, Princess Dora found herself thinner. She was so happy and she decided to try and escape.

After eating lunch, she took a rope and climbed out of the castle to escape. In the end, she lived happily ever after.

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