Young Writer 2016-2017 P.6

Place: 1st place

Class: 6A

Name: Chan Lok Yin, Emma

Can this day get any worse?! All I want is to have a happy life. Why does bad luck always come to me?

Last Sunday, I was texting my friend while I was walking back home. I know it's wrong but I've always been this way. When I was almost back home, I suddenly tripped on something. I looked back and shouted loudly, "Why would there be a rock in the middle of the street?!" That wasn't the worst part. My phone just dropped right out of my hands. Why?! Now I can't even open my phone. The screen is all black! Of course, I was scolded by my parents who said that I can't have a new phone unless I learn how to be careful.

In the evening, my favourite cartoon, 'The Battle with the Aliens' was on TV, so I thought "Why not see a cartoon and just relax myself?" The cartoon was so interesting! The heroes fought with the aliens non-stop and then BOOM! Just at the most interesting moment, my heart was ripped apart. When I was about to watch the ending, there you have it! The stupid TV just went out of order! You really played me, TV! It wasn't just that I couldn't watch the ending, but also now the TV was broken! I hate you, bad luck!

I went to the library to borrow books for my report. I brought my money, my broken phone... Why didn't I bring my library card? I searched every part of my wallet but no luck. The lady at the circulation counter was annoyed by me. "I... I'm so sorry." I was so upset. I wanted to cry so badly. However, I was able to keep all the tears inside of me. I grabbed my backpack and rushed back home.

I looked at myself in my room. I didn't know if it was just me or my brain told me this, "You do remember you have to go back to school tomorrow, right? You haven't done your homework yet. Oh no... Help me please..."

It was twelve o'clock before I finally finished all of my homework. I was so tired! I could barely open my eyes. Why did you have to come to me, bad luck?

What an unlucky day! I wish I could forget all about that day. Bad luck, get away from me!

Place: 2nd place

Class: 6A

Name: Cheung, Regine

Resting in bed is boring, but that wasn't the worst thing that happened! Last Sunday was a really unlucky day for me...

Last Sunday, I went out to buy some food. I was walking while I was looking at my mobile. Suddenly, I heard a loud crash. I was frightened, so I dropped my mobile. "Oh, no!" I screamed. My screen was broken. It was my new mobile! My parents would yell at me that night!

When I returned home, I want to watch a cartoon, so I turned on the TV. "Oh no!" I screamed. The TV was out of order! I was really upset.

I was too bored at home, so I wanted to go out. I decided to borrow some books to read. When I arrived at the library, I chose some books. I wanted to borrow them, so I went to the circulation counter. "Oh no!" I screamed. I'd left my library card at home! I searched every corner of my wallet but I still couldn't find it. I decided to run back home to get my library card.

When I was running, I didn't notice that there was something slippery on the ground. I stepped on it and fell over. "Oh no!" I screamed. I'd twisted my ankle! It really hurt! I home slowly at last.

My ankle was painful, so I took some medicine. "What are you doing?" Mum asked. "I've twisted my ankle, and I broke my phone..." I said. My mum told me to rest in bed. It was boring! What an unlucky day for me!

Place: 3rd place

Class: 6A

Name: Law Chun Wing, Janice

"What an unlucky day!" That's what I thought last Sunday. Well here's what happened...

Last Sunday started as a normal day, until I dropped my phone! I wasn't paying attention when walking down the road and I crashed into someone. I dropped my phone and the screen was broken. "Oh no!" I screamed loudly. I knew how mom and dad would react: their faces would turn red. I decided not to tell them about my phone. I walked back home pretending nothing had happened and began to watch TV. I was right on time because it was my favourite show! However, the screen suddenly flashed for a second then turned to the black screen of death. Some words appeared, "Out of order." I was so depressed that I smashed the table hard.

When I was doing my homework, I remembered that I hadn't borrowed books for my book report yet! Therefore, I rushed to the library to borrow books. Everything was alright until I found out that I had lost my library card! I searched for it everywhere but there was still no sign of it. I began to panic because I needed to hand in the report the next day! I walked home disappointed and thought, "What an unlucky day!"

Then I felt I was stepping on something. It was my library card! I jumped for joy when I found it! When I walked back home, the TV was working again! When I finally had the courage to tell my mom and dad about the phone, surprisingly they didn't scold me. I thought, "This isn't an unlucky day after all!"

After this incident, I learned that we need to be positive.

Place: 1st place

Class: 6B

Name: Li Ngo

Last Sunday was the most unlucky day in my whole life.

It was a sunny day. I was listening to a song while I was going home when suddenly, "Oh!" I shouted. I dropped my phone and broke the screen. It was bad! This phone had been given to me by my dad for my birthday. If I brought the phone back home to my parents they would scold me loudly.

I went home and turned on the TV. It was my favourite TV programme 'Tom and Jerry'! I thought it was the end of my unluckiness. "What!" I shouted very loudly. The TV was out of order. I couldn't watch anything. I was very angry. I decided to go to the library and borrow books. I brought a bag and went to the library immediately, but I didn't remember to bring my library card.

I entered the library and found 'Harry Potter' books 1 to 7. I love Harry Potter. I borrowed book three of the series, and book four of 'Dragon Eye'. When I went to the borrowing counter, the computer was out of order. I waited 15 minutes for them to fix the computer. When the computer was fixed, I couldn't find my library card. I was sad and went back home.

 I returned home and went to sleep. In my dream, a fairy told me it could change time. I asked it to bring me back to that sunny Sunday morning. That day I held the phone carefully and the phone didn't fall or break. I turned on the TV and it wasn't out of order. It was lucky! I remembered to bring my library card to the library and the computer wasn't broken! I borrowed the books and read them happily. I had a lovely dinner. It wasn't a dream, it was true!

Place: 2nd place

Class: 6B

Name: Lau Wing Yan, Wendy

What an unlucky day for me today!

Today I was chatting with my friend on my mobile phone while I was walking down the street. Suddenly, a man crashed into me and my phone dropped on the floor. I picked it up but I found that my phone's screen was broken! I was worried that if my parents found out that my phone's screen was broken they would punish me. I went back home and I hoped my mum wouldn't find out, but she noticed that I wasn't holding my phone, so she asked me where the phone was. I said that my phone's screen was broken and mum was angry, so she punished me.

I felt very upset, so I decided to watch cartoons. But when I turned on the TV, I found that it was out of order! I couldn't watch cartoons any more. I was bored at home, so I decided to go to the library to read books. After reading books for a long time, I decided to borrow some books from the library. When I went to the circulation counter to borrow the books, the librarian asked me for my library card. I took out my wallet, but I found that my library wasn't in my wallet! It was lost! At last, I couldn't borrow any books.

I was very down and upset. When I was walking slowly down the street, I tripped on some rubbish on the ground and fell down. My legs were hurt but nobody helped me. I felt helpless and hopeless. I hoped that someone could help me and comfort me, but nobody helped me... I walked on the streets anywhere.  It is ten o'clock now and I still haven't gone back home. Maybe my mum will be worried about me go out to find me, or maybe someone will come to help me and comfort me. I feel very tired now, so I'm starting to fall asleep... In my dream, someone is coming to help me, but I can't see who he is, but I hope it is true. I hope in my real life someone comes to help me.

Place: 3rd place

Class: 6B

Name: Choi Ho Yin, Max

Last Sunday was an unlucky day for me.

When I finished studying Maths I was walking down the street while playing mobile games. Then, some randoms bumped into me and made me drop my phone and the screen cracked. I was so worried because it was a new phone that Mom had bought me the day before.

When I got home I just ran into my room and just relaxed and began to watch TV. The TV was playing my favourite cartoon Suddenly, the TV broke down! I was so upset that I called the boss of the company and he said that the TV was out of order. My mom told me to go to the library so I did.

At the library, I saw the book 'Toxic'. It was the book I've been waiting for a long time. When I was at the counter, I realized that I hadn't brought my wallet. I felt hopeless and just hoped for someone to lend me their library card.

At last, I could find no one to help and I went home to have a nap. I hope that it'll be a better day tomorrow.

Place: 1st place

Class: 6C

Name: Chan, Justin Travis

Last Sunday, it was a total disaster. I broke my phone, left my library card and put the TV out of order! Although I was extremely unlucky, I have learned not to believe in rumours and be careful.

It started when I checked out my luck on a fortune-telling website 8 days earlier. When I looked at my fortune, my whole body was filled with fear and anger. It said that people with the horoscope Capricorn would have accidents the next day!

Soon it was Sunday and as told, I was absolutely unfortunate. First, I burned my toast and spilled my milk for breakfast. Then, when I was heading to my dancing class, I heard a large cracking voice. I looked backwards. My phone! It had slipped out of my and now the screen was broken! How unlucky I was! I could already imagine my parents' furious looks when I returned home. Since I couldn't keep in contact with them without my phone, I was forced to go back home and I missed the chance to perform onstage.

As expected, I was scolded badly when I returned home. To make myself feel better, I decided to turn on the TV. Unfortunately, the TV was out of order. My parents blamed me again, even  though it was not my fault!

After that, I went to the library to borrow books for homework. When I finally found all of the books, I found out that I'd left my library card at home! On my way home, I was almost in tears.

When I got home, I cried loudly. I told my parents about my unlucky accidents and I would be doomed forever! But to my surprise, they chuckled out loud. I asked why and they told me that those rumours on the website were fake. The reason for my unlucky things was just because I was careless! They encouraged me to believe in myself and not to be easily influenced by others. After their advice, I suddenly felt much better. What a fool I was! My parents are totally right. I should not be easily affected and be my own unique self from now on.

Place: 2nd place

Class: 6C

Name: Wong Sing Hoi, Issac

Have you had any unlucky days before? There is an idiom like this: 'It never rains, but it pours.' I think that is the best sentence to describe my last Sunday.

Mom just bought me a smartphone last week. I kept the phone really carefully, like a pet. I had to go to my friend's home to do some major homework. I was texting a message while crossing the road. I didn't notice that there was a taxi speeding up and I rushed across the road. Sadly, I tripped over a brick. The good news was that I wasn't hurt but the bad news was that my newly bought phone flew into the air and fell hard onto the ground. Adding insult to injury, the glass screen broke and I heard a loud crack. "Oh no! My phone!" I had spent all my pocket money on it. Mom would definitely punish me.

After I went to my friend's home, I noticed a shop for fixing phones. Well, it was being renovated, so I went straight home to be a couch potato.  The good thing was my favourite show was on for the last episode. Unfortunately, the television was out of order and the signal was really bad. Later, it totally turned off. That reminded me that the cable was being worked on that day. "Sigh," I moaned. "Maybe I should go to the library."

Therefore, I went to the library to borrow some comics. When I went to the circulation counter, I looked for my wallet. Anything else was there, but my library card couldn't be found. "I must have put it somewhere... Oh dear!" I grumbled. I had left it in my jacket pocket!

I couldn't believe what had happened that day. To prevent myself from having any further bad luck, I went to sleep. In my dreams, the same things that had happened to today happened again – exactly the same. Smartphone broke, television broke and I had to walk a long way to the library and back but I forgot my library card. It was totally the same. Something that shouldn't even be happening in my dreams had happened today in my real life.

"What a terrible nightmare!" I shouted. "But it happened in my real life."

"More nightmares are going to happen!" Dad scolded me, holding my smartphone.

"I just hope that I'm still in my dream! This is horrible!" I thought.

Place: 3rd place

Class: 6C

Name: Yip Tin Heng, Kent

Last Sunday was the most awful day ever in my life. I even though that I was cursed by someone or God wanted to punish me! I'll never forget that day.

On that day, while I was walking relaxingly on the street, my phone slipped from my hands accidentally. "Bang!" Its screen was broken and the glass was spread all over the street since my smartphone was as big as an iPad. Some people were mad with me and shouted at me. I was so ashamed of myself and wanted to cry. My parents would punish me and scold me as loud as thunder. The phone was so expensive that my dad had saved his money for three months in order to buy this for my birthday present.

As I expected, they shouted at me and they left me home alone. They went shopping and told me to stay home and not to make any trouble again! I turned on the TV to watch my favourite cartoon. Unfortunately, it was out of order soon and I was annoyed by it. I had nothing to do but borrow some books from the library next to my house.

I borrowed some comics, story books and some magazines, too. When I was about to take my library card out of my wallet, I found that it was gone! I was worried about it since my mum would scold me again! I kept searching for it for an hour! At last, I gave up and went home quickly before they discovered that I had left home.

Again, bad things continued happening to me on that day. My parents were home before I returned. They didn't let free until I had finished all my homework, including my learning center's homework.  What a disaster! That day was the unluckiest day in my whole life and I hope that nothing like it ever happens again!

Place: 1st place

Class: 6D

Name: Lai Cheuk Hei, Titus

Last Sunday was my very unlucky day. Do you know what? I dropped my iPhone 7 and the screen broke, and also...

It started when I came back home from my baskeball class. I suddenly dropped my phone that cost $9,500! "Surely my mum and dad will scold me when I come back home." I thought. What an unlucky day for me!

I went back home and of course I was scolded by my mum and dad! I was so sad about that! I sat down on the sofa, turned on the TV and tried to watch some funny TV shows to make me happy. But then, suddenly, the TV was out of order! I was so, so angry so I kicked, hit, banged and crashed the TV until its screen was broken! My parents heard a loud crash in the room so they came out to see what a mess I had made. Of course, they scolded me.

I went to the library to borrow some books to read so I could be calm. When I was borrowing books, I realized my library card had disappeared! The librarian scolded me and shouted "Get out and don't come back! You are annoying!" I ran out of the library and left my wallet there. Luckily a boy gave my wallet back to me and I thanked him.

So that was my very unlucky day. Do you have unlucky days also?

Place: 2nd place

Class: 6D

Name: Daniel Wong

Last Sunday was an unlucky day for me. Having an unlucky day was a terrible experience.

I was going home when I dropped my phone on the floor accidentally. The screen was broken. My parents were angry with me. They said that I couldn't use my phone for a month!

I was sad about that, so I watched a cartoon on the television. All of a sudden, the television went out of order. I tried to fix it but it was too late, the television's screen had gone black. I couldn't watch the cartoon.

Because I couldn't watch the show, I went to the library to borrow some books to read. Suddenly, I found a book that I had been waiting ages to read. However, when I was at the circulation counter I found that I had forgotten to bring my library card. It was terrible!

Having such an unlucky day was a terrible experience.

Place: 3rd place

Class: 6D

Name: Hui Nok, Joshua

Last Sunday was really an unlucky day. I was really so angry that I wanted to die. I really hated that day.

It was supposed to be a fine day but it wasn't. When I had finished my breakfast, I wanted to go home to the park to have a walk but when I was walking there I carelessly dropped my new iPhone 7 and the screen broke. "Oh my god!" I cried. "My parents bought this for me only two days ago. They sure will be mad and shout at me." I was really angry and threw the iPhone into the rubbish bin.

When I got home, I told my parents about the phone and they shouted at me and told me not to be so careless. After that, I wanted to take a rest. I turned on the TV to watch my favourite cartoon but after a while, it was out of order. I was really angry and turned off the TV. Then, I went to the library to borrow books for the school project. When I had gone to the library I realized that I'd forgotten to bring my library card.

At last I gave up. I realized that I was really unlucky, so I went to sleep and waited for the next day to come, hoping to be luckier the next day.

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