Young Writer 2016-2017 P.4

Place: 1st place

Class: 4

Name: Choy Hiu Chi, Charis

Princess Kate's Adventure

Once upon a time, Princess Kate was having a picnic with her dolls in the garden. Suddenly, two monsters grabbed her and put her in a bag. "Let me out!" cried the princess, but the monsters ignored her and brought her to a castle.

One of the monsters put Princess Kate in a cage. "Welcome to your new home." he said wickedly. "Next month our Monster Prince will marry you." Princess Kate was sad. She had heard the stories about the Monster Prince and knew he was a bad person. She wanted to escape, but the only way out was a window she could not fit through.

Then she had an idea, "I could do more exercise and eat less food. In a month I will be thinner so I can escape in time." She started to run in the cage. Every day she exercised two hours and ate very little food.

In a month, she could fit through the bars of the window. When the guard monster was sleeping, she made a rope out of blanket and climbed through the window. She was free.

She ran through the woods back to her castle. She was much stronger and could run longer. Finally she saw her city. A woman saw the lost princess and called for the king. A month ago, the king had seen that Princess Kate was gone and tole everybody to find her. Princess Kate was brought to the king and he did not believe his eyes. Princess Kate was way prettier and thinner! They were happy to see each other. Princess Kate taught everyone in the city how to be healthy. They all became healthy and they all lived happily ever after. The End.

Place: 2nd place

Class: 4A

Name: Wan Hei Yiu, Hailey

Princess Kate's Scary Adventure

Once upon a time, there was a princess called Kate. She was a smart girl but a bit fat. One day, Kate was walking in the park when a monster ran at Kate and locked Kate into one of the castle's towers. Kate wanted to escape so she looked around. She saw a window and thought "Maybe I can climb between the gap in the window. I'll just do more exercise to fit in the gap."

After that, Kate did exercise every day like push-ups, jumping jacks and sit-ups. She even ate less junk food and more vegetables and fruit to make her slim.

Two months later, Kate got slim enough to fit through the gap. She looked out the window and she saw that the monster was sleeping, so she got a rope and threw it through the gap and she climbed down.

Once Kate's feet were on the floor, she ran with lightning speed to her own castle. Then, she told the guards of the castle to kill the monster so he would never lock anyone in that tower again.

Place: 3rd place

Class: 4A

Name: Cheung, Selwyn

The Problem of Princess Kate

Yesterday, Lucy was reading a great fairy tale about Princess Kate's Problem. Let me tell you about the story.

Once upon a time, there was a princess called Kate. One day, when she was going to play in the country park, she heard a sound. It was as loud as a lion's roar! "Ha ha! You are  in trouble now because I found the the fattest woman in the city – She's you!" Suddenly a terrible monster appeared. He locked Princess Kate in a castle, a smelly ugly castle. It was horrible! Princess Kate was afraid.

Five days later, when Princess Kate was eating a hamburger  (she like eating hamburgers so she brought a hamburger every time she went to play!) a flying letter flew into her room. She grabbed the letter and took out the poster inside. It was a poster that tells us to be thinner. She suddenly had an idea, "I can follow the poster to become thin and get out of the window of the castle!" She followed the  instructions from the poster and wanted to be thin. Fortunately, a year later, Princess Kate was thinner than in the past. She found a rope and went out of the window of the case with the rope when the monster was sleeping. In the end, Princess Kate  went back home and lived happily ever after.

Do you think it's a great fairy tale? I like it very much! I think it is the best fairy tale I have ever seen!

Place: 1st place

Class: 4B

Name: Oh Eun Young, Charmeine

The Princess's Story

Once upon a time, there was a fat princess called Princess Kate. A terrible monster kidnapped her and raised her as her as her own child. The monster was very poor, so lived in a tall tower that only had a little room. The monster could only afford fast food, so Princess Kate grew up as a fat and unhealthy Princess.

One day a prince called Yannis gave her a long rope. "Hurry, climb down before the monster wakes up!" the prince said. The Princess climbed down as quick as possible. Prince Yannis called his guards to arrest the horrible monster and bring the Princess back.

The Prince asked the sorcerer to make the Princess beautiful again. The sorcerer said "I will make the Princess the prettiest girl in the world but she will turn back into a fat lady in two years." The Prince agreed and the sorcerer turned Princess Kate beautiful and the Prince married the beautiful and elegant Princess. Time passed, and eventually Kate became fat again. The Prince thought she was someone else, so the Prince told her to leave. The Princess left sadly and lived sadly ever after.

Place: 2nd place

Class: 4B

Name: Kong Hiu Yu

The Fat Girl and the Big Monster

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Kate and she lived in a forest. When she was a baby, a bad witch cast an evil spell on her. If the baby reached 18 years old, she would die unless a good witch broke the spell. When Kate was 17 years old, she met the prince and they were married, but one day a monster attacked the palace.  The monster saw Kate and it said "You are beautiful, I want you to marry me." so Kate was kidnapped by the monster and they went away. When the prince found out he got a horse and many swords to go and save Kate. The monster put Kate in a cave and didn't let her get away. The monster was sleepy so it said "I want a nap." After a while, the prince came and he used a rope to let Kate escape but the monster became a bad witch. Fortunately they got away. When Kate was 18 years old, she started feeling bad because of the magic spell. The good witch came to Kate's house and she broke the spell. In the end, Kate and the prince lived happily ever after. The end.

Place: 3rd place

Class: 4B

Name: Chu Venustiana Law-Cheeying

Princess Kate Escaped the Cave

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful, but fat princess called Kate. One day a monster saw that she was fat and wanted to eat her, so the monster locked her in a cave. But the monster felt a little upset about eating her, so the monster said to the princess "If you don't want me to eat you you need to become my wife." The Princess said "No way, you're an ugly monster!" She looked outside the dungeon and found a rope, but should not go outside because she was too fat. She decided to get thinner by only eating healthy food and doing more exercise. So she kept doing exercise. Two days ago, she was thin so she climbed up and got the rope and escaped. When she saw the monster was asleep, she killed it and ran away and she lived happily ever after.

Place: 1st place

Class: 4C

Name: Ng Wai Shun, Wilson

Princess Kate

Once upon a time, there was a fat princess called princess Kate. She had a bad diet of French fries, hamburgers, and other junk food. She lived with her grandma in her castle.

One day, Princess Kate was brushing her black teeth, then, a group of green, ugly monsters monsters broke open the castle doors. The soldiers couldn't stop them. Those monsters roamed around and claimed to take over the giant castle. They took Princess Kate and locked her in the castle prisons as a slave and gave her junk food every day.

One day, a bird delivered a letter to her prison window and left a white 'souvenir' as well. Princess Kate found out that the letter said that people miss her, so Princess Kate decided to escape the castle prison. Princess Kate wanted to lose some weight and run faster, so she sneaked inside the castle gym to run on the treadmill every day.

One day, Princess Kate decided it was time to escape, so she asked the monster guards to come in and then locked them in the prison cell. She had lost a lot of weight, so she could dodge the alarm lasers. All except one. The alarm went off and she said "Uh-oh." Then a group of monsters chased her and she screamed as she was running. Finally, Princess Kate lost them at the top of the castle. She saw a monster below, so she so she carefully climbed across a clothing rope. She reached the other side of the castle and went to the ground floor. She fled happily.

After that, she visited her grandma at her new house in the woods.  They did exercise every day and Princess Kate went to the village gym every and she decided to have a healthy diet every day. She threw all their junk food from the fridge into the rubbish and lived happily ever after, being slim and living with her grandma in the cottage in the woods.

Place: 2nd place

Class: 4C

Name: Yu Pak Yan, Anson

Princess Kate's Great Escape

Once upon a time there was an intelligent princess named Kate. She scored high marks on her tests in school and she made great big plans for the country.

Everything went well until one day a monster attacked the castle. Her parents escaped and lived but they left Kate in the castle. She got locked in one of the cells and could not exit the castle. The monster came and met Kate. Kate said "Let me out! What's your purpose trapping me here?"

"Muhahaha!" laughed the monster. "Give me plans to attack your country. What else?"

"No! I will never give you plans." said Kate. "Why do you have to choose me to design plans for you?"

"Because I think you are the smartest person in the world." said the monster. "I will trap you here until you give me a plan to attack this country."

"Okay!" said Kate. It was already night. The monster didn't come again to warn Kate to make the plan. "I have a plan, but not for attacking the country. It's my great big escape!" Kate silently said to herself.

While the monster slept, Kate silently used the key left in her cell and unlocked the door. She walked up to the top of the castle and threw a rope down. She climbed down and ran to the nearest city for help. At last, she found her parents and lived happily ever after.

Place: 3rd place

Class: 4C

Name: Raven Ian Peter

Princess Kate and the Monster

Once upon a time a greedy princess called Kate was caught by an ugly and cruel monster. The monster locked Princess Kate in a prison in a very big castle.

Princess Kate was too fat to go through the bars. She decided to do exercise once a day. Usually, she seldom did exercise.

Time came and went and Princess Kate was getting thinner and thinner. The guard at the prison door didn't notice anything. Princess Kate tried the bars but still couldn't get through. She still needed to be thinner to get through.

Finally, Princess Kate could get through the bars. She used the bed sheet from her bed and tied it together. She threw it out the window. It was just the right length to reach the ground. Princess Kate tied the other end to the bedpost and slowly and carefully climbed down the bed sheets to the ground.

Princess Kate ran back to her castle as fast as she could.  The King was happy and surprised. He asked her why she was so much thinner than before. Princess Kate answered "I became thin because I needed to get through the bars."

Then, they lived happily ever after.

Place: 1st place

Class: 4D

Name: Ng Him To

Princess Kate's Prison Break

Once upon a time Princess Kate went into the forest to get some food. She found a lot of junk food. When she ate the final bit of junk food she fell asleep because she was tired. Suddenly, a group of ogres came and used their magic staff and "Kabloom!" Princess Kate was teleported into the ogres' prison! There were a lot of prisoners trapped there.

After a while, Princess Kate woke up and found herself locked in the corner of the prison. She found a rope and a letter that said "Hi prisoner, I left a string for you to leave the prison!" She also saw a hole, however, she was too big to fit. She did a lot of exercise until the next year and she became very thin.

One day while the ogres were sleeping, she used the rope to tie to the bars and climb down from the window. She ran quickly to leave the prison. Once the ogres noticed they couldn't chase her because she was too quick.

When she went back to the castle, she called all the soldiers to break down the prison with rocket launchers. They broke the prison into dust and had a massive prison break. Rest in peace, ogres!

The End!

Place: 2nd place

Class: 4D

Name: Fong Zi Yau

The Monster and the Princess

A long, long time ago, there was a princess called Kate.

One day, Princess Kate ate a lot of candy. She became fat and a monster locked the Princess in his castle. Princess Kate said "I am too fat. If I become thin I can get out of this castle." Then she asked the fairy "Fairy, fairy, can you help me to be thin?" The fairy said "Okay, you can do some sports to make you thin." Then, the Princess did a lot of sport to make herself thin.

One night she was a lot thinner. She saw the monster was sleeping and she used the rope to climb out of the monster's castle. She ran, ran, ran to her castle and told her mother and father. They took her back to the monster's castle and helped the Princess kill the monster. The monster died and they were so happy because they didn't let the monster kill them. And her mother said "Why are you so thin? Before you were so fat." Princess Kate said "A fairy told me how to be thin and she said I should do sports. Now I will not eat fattening food anymore." And they all lived happily ever after.

The End

Place: 3rd place

Class: 4D

Name: Wong Tsz Chun

Princess Kate Gets Out of the Castle

A long, long time ago, there was a very beautiful Princess. However, an evil monster locked her in a castle. She wanted to get out of the castle.

One day, she thought of an idea. She told the monster "I feel so sad, can you play with me?"

"Yes, I can." replied the monster. Then the monster brought Princess Kate to the playground. Princess Kate played and played and played... "Is it time to go back to the castle?" asked the monster.

Princess Kate said "No, I won't go to the castle. You are so foolish; I played with you because I wanted to get out of this castle."

"Do you think you can?" asked the monster.

"Yes, I can." answered Princess Kate. Then, the Princess took out a bottle she splash water at the monster. The monster dove onto the floor. The monster was so angry, but the Princess kept using the bottle to fight the monster. Princess Kate pushed the monster and the monster was very scared of water, so it gave up and let Princess Kate win the fight. The Princess locked the monster in the castle. Then, Princess Kate ran away. Princess Kate was very happy in the end.

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