NPMPNews 2016-2017

A Lego Angry Bird Animation by Daniel Kwong

This video is a stop-motion animation using Lego Angry Birds. A stop-motion animation is a kind of animation that can be made by taking pictures one by one and adding them together so it appears to move.

The story is about Red, the red angry bird in the animation, whose house always gets ruined by the bad piggies. Red is a very grumpy bird that gets angry even when somebody walks past his front door. Go to to see more about his temper. One day, two bad piggies break his house. What will Red do? Will the bad piggies come back? Watch the animation and see. 


My Favorite Pokemon by Kelly, 6C


My Favorite Game - Minecraft by Nadia, 5C



Favourite Game - Battle Spirits by Jamie and Sunny, 6C



Favourite Books and Activities by Joycelyn, 5C



Favourite Books - Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Issac, 6C



Debate - Best Late Night Host, Corden vs Fallon, by Edmond, 6D and Winston, 5D



Debate - Clash Royale vs Minecraft by Edmond 6D and Daniel and Sunny 6C



Debate - Computer vs Mobile Phone by Jamie and Issac 6C and Winston 5D



Debate, Mr. Wright vs Miss Hinojosa, by Kelly 6C and Nadia and Joycelyn 5C





Interview with Mr. Wright


Interview with Mr. Barnardo


Interview with Miss McGregor


Interview with Miss Rose

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