Young Writer 2015-2016 P.6

Place: 1st place

Class: 6A

Name: Chin Chi Lam, Gianna  錢姿霖

  It was a terrible scene. All of my exercise books and pencils had come to life! I was hiding behind a desk, which I soon found out belonged in my own classroom. I watched in horror as the living books and stationery gathered around in a circle and I leaned closer to hear their conversation.

  “This boy is lazy. I’ve never seen him stay at his desk and finish all of his homework without being distracted.”

  “He plays computer games all day! I can always hear his mom’s voice yelling at him to do his homework outside the room.”

  I was getting curious listening to the conversation. They mentioned a boy, but who was he? Then I heard a voice, “He barely touches us exercise books and pencils. Tom is such a naughty boy!” I was shocked to hear what the voice said. They were talking about me! My hands began to quiver unstoppably. I was so scared I couldn’t help but scream!

  Suddenly, my exercise books and pencils stopped speaking. They must have heard the scream because they turned to me. I backed away every time they stepped closer to me. I wanted to run away but I was trapped at the corner of the classroom. The group of books and stationery had all eyes on me. Their eyes slowly turned bright red as their bodies became dark. “Finish your homework, Tom...” their voices echoed across the classroom. At that moment, I was shaking with fright. I had nowhere to go. I had no time to respond. There must be a way out!

  I was thinking hard about how to escape when my exercise books and pencils grabbed me before my eyes, opening their wide mouths, ready to get their revenge...

  “NO! HELP ME!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. I looked around but what I saw was only my own quiet bedroom. I could still feel my heart pounding. Quickly I looked over to my desk, where there lay my unfinished exercise books. Although it was midnight, I turned on the light, grabbed my pencil and started doing my homework. I swore to myself to be hardworking and to be responsible with my homework. I never want to be gobbled up by evil-looking, furious exercise books and pencils again.

Place: 2nd place

Class: 6A

Name: Wong Shing Hei, Ryan  黃承熙

  “Ugh! Too much homework!” I groaned loudly. It was three in the morning and I still hadn’t completed my homework! I was sleepy, therefore I immediately fell asleep.

  “Bam!” I fell into a room! Wait... it was my classroom!” But when I was walking around, I heard some noise. It was all my stationery and books. They were talking! They had come to life! I felt so embarrassed hearing them- “The boy is very lazy!” “He plays computer games all day!” He never does his homework properly.” I was so scared hearing these dialogues. My body was shaking- I was so nervous.

  Suddenly, my books and stationery saw me! They kept chasing me and shouted loudly, “You haven’t finished your homework! Come back here!” I was so scared! “This is a nightmare! Please, somebody tell me it is a dream!”

  Immediately, I woke up. “Phew, it was just a dream.” I looked at the stationery and books. “They taught me a lesson: I should do all my homework and never be lazy again.” I thought deeply. Fifteen minutes later, I finally completed my homework. “Yay!” The nightmare was over. I fell into a sweet, deep sleep.

Place: 3rd place

Class: 6A

Name: Ng, Elgar 吳頤雅

  I had a terrible dream last week. A nightmare. It all started like this-

  I was sleeping in my bed when a square figure with a weird, squeaky voice woke me up and pulled me out of bed.  “Hey!” it said, “You haven’t finished your homework yet!” It was... my exercise book! Then, a long thing pencil-ish pencil and an eraser showed up. Then a pen... and a ruler... and a pair of scissors... Everything in my pencil case had come to life!

  They all stumbled towards me, moaning “You haven’t finished your homework yet!” I screamed as they chased me around. Even my parents had turned into a couple of notebooks. They chased me out of my room, shouting the same thing over... and over... and over again. I rushed back into my room and locked the door. I fell into an uneasy sleep...

  When I woke up, a weird squeaky-voiced figure pulled me out of bed. “Hey!” it said, “You haven’t finished your homework yet!”...

  It went on until I woke up, hearing the voice but then realizing it belonged to my mother. I decided to finish my homework every day after that nightmare.

Place: 1st place

Class: 6B

Name: Lee Sze Ngai, Amos 李思毅

  Hello, fellow students. My name’s Amos. I had a terrible dream yesterday. I was lazy before, but now, well, I have learned my lesson. Here’s my dream...

  I woke up in a cold classroom, the exact same room as my class. I felt something poking me. It felt sharp... Suddenly, a voice said “Come on, lazy pig!” I sat straight up and saw a crowd of exercise books and sharpened pencils! My feet started shaking. I felt every nerve cell in my brain was going to explode. I felt my body was out of my control. My textbooks said, “He plays computer games all day!” “The boy is soooo lazy.” said the ruler. “Look at me, I was sharpened like a week ago. He hasn’t used me in a week! He’s been playing a new game non-stop.” said the pencil. “That’s harsh, Pen!” said the eraser, “Look. I was bought a week ago and look at me, I’m still polished!”

  Then, they saw me. “There’s the kid!” said the ruler. “Let’s get him!” said the eraser. They yelled like madmen and shouted “You haven’t finished your homework yet! Get back here!”

  I felt terrified. I ran through a wall and saw an old man who looked like a beggar. He smiled and said “I’ve waited a long time to meet you.”

  “Who are you? I asked.

  “I’m the future you, my boy.” I looked at him. Could this be true? Was I going to look like him? He read my mind and said, “You can change the future if you must. Go and study. When you’re ready, quit playing video games. Later on you’re going to find them lame. There’s not much time for you to change your life path.” With that, he disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

  I just stood there, looking in awe at what had just happened. Then, I thought to myself, “I don’t want to be like that.” I made a promise to myself. “Quit playing video games and study for a better future.”

  I walked back inside the cold classroom and announced “I’m going to study from now on!” The books and pencils alike looked at me in awe. “Did he just say he’ll study from now on?” asked the books. Before I could reply, the books and pencils yelled, “He did! Yay!” I sat down on a chair and opened my textbooks. I rested my arms on the pencil, and in a flash of light, the image disappeared.

  I woke up on my bed. It was 8:00 a.m. and it was Sunday. Even though it was not a school day, I remembered my promise. I took out my textbooks and studied for dictation on Monday. My mom came into my room and she looked shocked, “Are you studying?”

  “Yep, mom! I swore to myself that I’m going to study hard from now on!”

Place: 2nd place

Class: 6B

Name: Cheng Hoi Yin, Solomon 鄭凱言

  I woke up at eleven today because today was my school holiday. I felt really strange but I didn’t care about it. When I went out and turned on my computer, it disappeared right in front of me! I was scared, so I called mum and dad but no one was answering.

  Suddenly, I heard a weird voice coming from my bedroom. I opened the door slowly and I saw all of my exercise books and stationery come to life! I heard them saying I was too lazy and that they wanted to teach me a lesson. I was frightened, so I rushed out of my bedroom but the exercise books and stationery kept chasing me shouting “You haven’t finished your homework, come back!” “Beep. Beep. Beep.” I woke up suddenly, finding myself still laying on my bed safe and sound.

  After that scary dream, I’ve learnt not to play too many computer games. I don’t want to have dreams about homework any more. 

Place: 3rd place

Class: 6B

Name: Leung Hoi Yan, Sisi 梁愷昕

  Yesterday, I had a terrible dream about myself. It all started when I went to bed last night...

  I was on the way to school where I studied for a long time. When I stepped into the classroom, I saw all of my stationery and my books had come to life!! They all had huge eyes, legs, hands and even mouths! And they were talking about me! “He’s a lazy boy,” the ruler said. “And he plays computer games all day and never studies hard!”

  I was very afraid because I knew they were talking about me! I wanted to run away but the books and the stationery saw me. They started to chase me, yelling, “You haven’t finished your homework!!” I tried to escape but there was nowhere to run. I started to cry because no one could help me. I screamed and found that it was all a dream but I am pretty sure that it was telling me that I should start to study hard and be a good student.

  Finally, I decided to be a good student and I will write this story in the school magazine to tell other students that if you don’t study hard, you will have the same fate as me in the end.

Place: 1st place

Class: 6C

Name: Lam Chun Wai, Wilson 林津緯

  Last night I had a very absurd dream. Maybe it’s because I ate too much cheese toast before I went to bed. Nevertheless, it was terrible.

  I woke standing halfway in the door, fully-dressed, in the classroom. The classroom was deserted. I went in and heard footsteps coming. I hid under one of the desks and waited. Then, a strange thing happened. My pens and pencils, rulers and erasers, exercise books and handbooks walked into the classroom, chatting.

  “The Master always bites on me when he is thinking.” the pencils said. “I have marks all over.” others muttered in agreement. “Yeah! He always draws on me.” “I agree. He keeps bending me too!” “Don’t forget he’s always taking me apart!” “We should take action before he destroys us.” said the wise eraser.

  I trembled, knowing they were talking about me. I accidentally kicked a chair, sending it flying with a loud “Thud!” My stationery looked at me. I looked at my stationery. “Uh... hi guys...”

  “Get him!” said the eraser. I ran for my life and woke up. In reality.

  I learned two things that day. One: never eat cheese toast before you go to bed. Two: take good care of your stationery because they belong to you.

Place: 2nd place

Class: 6C

Name: Chiu Shun Kay, Janielle 招信祈

  “Mum, I need new stationery!” I shouted in an unfriendly tone. “If you didn’t break them so often, then you wouldn’t need new ones!” Mum shouted back angrily. “Fine!” I said. I crept onto my bed and fell asleep.

  The next day, I went to school on foot like usual. I went to my classroom and found it empty. The whole school was empty! I checked my school calendar to make sure today was a school day and it was. Suddenly, a large group of oversized stationery marched in and they were wearing bandages all over them. I quickly crept behind a large textbook to hide.

  “This has gone too far!” cried a ruler. “Right, we should teach him a lesson.” said an eraser. “Look what he did to my pages,” wept a textbook. I recognized them as my stationery. I was so scared at the time and “Aghchoo!” I sneezed. “Who’s there?” a pen bellowed. They turned around and stared at me with eyes of rage. I quickly got up and ran out of the classroom, “Help!” I yelped. “Get him!” cried the pencils.

  They chased me through the corridor, down the hall, into the library and around the fountain. I accidentally tripped over a rock and fell to my knees. The mob of stationery caught up with me and surrounded me. “Please don’t hurt me!” I screamed. “You get what you deserve.” they cried. I shut my eyes and cried and cried and cried. Then the sound of my alarm clock rang.

  I got off my bed and dried my tears. “What a nightmare.” I murmured. I sat in front of my desk and promised myself “I’ll treasure my stationery from now on.”

Place: 3rd place

Class: 6C

Name: Lee Yan Wa, Chloe 李欣樺

  I had a terrible dream last night. In my dream, my exercise books and pencils came to life. They grew arms and legs, eyes, mouths, noses and ears!

  After they came to life I was very frightened. I did not know what to do. My English exercise book said, “Little girl, you always drop me onto the floor and my paper is messy!” I answered, “No, my cousin drops you onto the floor but not me! The pages are messy because my little sister draws on them.” My Chinese exercise book yelled, “Little girl, how dare you talk to my husband like that? You rude little mouse!”

  “Ms. Chi,” my pencil said, “easy.”

  “Molly,” another pencil called me, “If you want us to turn back to normal, you need to promise us something.” I looked at it. It kept saying “We are so bored. You have to buy us some new friends!” I was scared. I quickly ran down the stairs to buy new pencils but I forgot to bring my money! They chased after me. “Buy us new friends! Buy us new friends...”

  Then I woke up! I looked at my pencils for a while and smiled. I went out of my room to find my mum. “Mom, would you buy me a new pencil?”

Place: 1st place

Class: 6D

Name: Choi, Jonathan 蔡若余

  I had a valuable dream last night. In my dream, I was at school playing happily, when suddenly all my exercise books and stationery came to life. I felt so terrified. I didn’t know what they would do next.

  The ruler started talking, “The boy treats me badly, he always draws ugly drawings on me. It took me days to clean myself off!” Then the book said “The boy doesn’t care about me. He keeps drawing on me during class, so now I am dirty and smelly. His parents won’t even touch me!” Then the rubber said “The boy is horrible. He keeps poking holes in me and tore me up to use as “bullets” to throw at his classmates. Now I look like a rock with holes!” Finally, the pen said “The boy is like an evil boss. He always twists on the side-piece and forgets to close my cap after use. Now I’ve lost an arm and run out of ink!”

  I realized the “the boy” meant me, but then the ruler saw me and he said “If you keep doing this to us, we will soon be a pile of useless resources.” and then I woke up.

  The dream became a great lesson. I should not treat stationery badly and I promised to treat them fine again. That’s one “valuable dream”, not a “terrible dream”.

Place: 2nd place

Class: 6D

Name: Yeung Ka Hei, Alex 楊嘉禧

  Last night I had a terrible dream. It was about my exercise books and stationery, which all came to life. They were huge and looked at me horribly. I was terrified and couldn’t say anything.

  Then, they were talking about how to judge me. “The boy is very lazy!” “He even plays computer games all day!” they said. Suddenly, they all ran after me. As I tried to escape from them, I couldn’t. They told me to do homework for months. “Oh homework, I hate doing homework!”

  After a while, they all looked angrily at me and punched me hard. I was scared and realized that this was a dream. I apologized to them, “I’m sorry about before. I was lazy and very seldom did my homework. Now I am trying to be more hardworking and play computer games less. Please forgive me!”

  Fortunately, they all forgave me and made me promise not be that lazy any more. I woke up in a minute and felt that dream was unbelievable.

Place: 3rd place

Class: 6D

Name: Lin Ho 林可

  It was a sunny morning. I woke up early and went to school happily. When I arrived at my school, I spotted that my pencil case had disappeared. I felt nervous because I had an assessment today. Then I searched my schoolbag carefully.

  Suddenly, I heard someone talking and I went into my classroom quickly. “That’s unbelievable!” I shouted. I saw my exercise books and pencils had come to life. They were discussing something when I came in. My exercise book said “The boy is lazy, he plays computer games all day.” Then they wanted to catch me and shouted at me impolitely, “You haven’t finished your homework!” I was scared and ran away. When I went out of the classroom, I bumped into my teacher. She told me to hand in my homework. I regretted playing computer games all day and not doing any homework.

  “Wake up, wake up!” Mum said. She told me I had been crying loudly when she came in. I talked to Mum about my terrible dream and I decided I am going to study hard in the future.

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